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Visiting Tokyo Tower and Nearby Hotspots in Half a Day!

Tokyo Tower is always there for people in Tokyo, sometimes in the clear sky, sometimes with a beautiful lighted-up illumination. At the foot of Tokyo Tower, there is Shiba Park including Zojoji Temple, which visitors can enjoy Sakura in the spring.

The symbol of Tokyo “Tokyo Tower”

Tokyo Tower

As well-known, Tokyo Tower is the symbol of Tokyo. Many visitors take a photo of its appearance and the views from the observatories. Sure it should be done. But, Tokyo Tower offers more things to do with its 5 floors (called foot town) for shopping, dining and attractions. There is also the outside roof floor (6th floor) where visitors can feel the air in the middle of Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower has two observatories – a main observatory and a special observatory. The main observatory consists of 2 floors where visitors can enjoy not only the views but also several attractions such as the Great Shinto Shrine of the Tower and the observation guide board. Don’t forget to stand on the glass floor called the Lookdown window for the thrilling view. For the visitors who would like to see further views including Mt. Fuji, the special observatory of 250 meters high is waiting.

Tokyo Tower

You can also see Tokyo Tower from Tokyo Tower at night! Another Tokyo Tower lit up can be seen emerging out of the night skies of the great city. Take a look for yourself when you climb up to the observatory.

Tokyo Tower

And don’t forget to visit the Lookdown Window which is  the most thrilling thing in Tokyo Tower. It is a see-through glass floor where you can step on safely. I know you trust the safety structure but the feeling of having only a glass supports you from hundreds of meters away is just too scary. Imagine what would happen if the glass breaks and you fall down…

Tokyo Tower

Visitors can go up the stairway to the main observatory. While climbing up Tokyo Tower, visitors will appreciate the difference views from the observatory. In addition, visitors will receive an official certificate of the Run up Tokyo Tower, which would be a special souvenir of the Tokyo trip. This is available only Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

Tokyo Souvenir Town
Photo Credit: Tokyo Tower

In the foot town of Tokyo Tower, visitors will find the Tokyo souvenir town. Here, there are many kinds of Tokyo related products in addition to Tokyo Tower official goods. Visitors may finish Tokyo souvenir shopping in Tokyo Tower.
[map lat=”35.658580″ lng=”139.745434″][/map]

Tokyo Tower

Address: 4-2-8 Shiba-koen, Minato Ward, Tokyo

5 minute walk from Akabanebashi Station
15 minute walk from Hamamatsucho Station

Hours: 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

900 yen (Main Observatory)
700 yen (Special Observatory)

500 yen (Main Observatory)
500 yen (Special Observatory)

400 yen (Main Observatory)
400 yen (Special Observatory)

Phone: 03-3433-5111

Website: Tokyo Tower


Hot Spots around Tokyo Tower

#1. Shiba Park

Shiba Park

Shiba Park is just next to Tokyo Tower. Visitors can take a walk watching Tokyo Tower and visit Zojoji Temple and Shiba Toshogu Shrine in the park. In the spring, visitors can enjoy Sakura (cherry blossoms). In the evening of the Sakura season, street-side stands will open for selling Japanese foods and drinks. If wanted, visitors can sit on the soil under Sakura trees with foods and drinks and experience a Hanami party (a party watching Sakura) like other Japanese people.
[map lat=”35.654941″ lng=”139.747985″]

Shiba Park

Address: Shibakoen, Minato Ward, Tokyo

Fee: free


#2. Zojoji Temple

Zojoji Temple

In the area of Shiba Park, there is a temple named Zojoji, which was founded in 1393 and replaced to the current place in 1598 by Ieyasu Tokugawa (the founder of Tokugawa Shogunate). Here, visitors can experience the air of the Edo Period in the center of Tokyo. First, visitors will arrive at the main gate (Sangedatsumon), which remains the only architectural reminder of the early days of the Edo Period and is designated as important cultural property. After walking straight, visitors will see the majestic main mall (Daiden) with the splendid view with Tokyo Tower. There are also the tombs of six Tokugawa Shoguns, Imperial Princess Kazunomiya (wife of Shogun Iemochi).
[map lat=”35.657423″ lng=”139.748210″]

Zojoji Temple

Address: 4-7-35 Shibakoen, Minato Ward, Tokyo

Fee: free

Phone: 03-3432-1431

Website: Zojoji Temple


#3. Sky Lounge Stellar Garden

Sky Lounge Stellar Garden
Photo Credit:

For a luxury tea beak and a romantic night, the Sky Lounge Stellar Garden in the Prince Park Tower Tokyo is recommended. This lounge is located in 33rd floor and just in front of Tokyo Tower. The view from the window seats looks like watching Tokyo Tower from the sky.  This is the best place for a couple especially during the night with full of illuminated Tokyo Tower and other buildings. For the days preceding holidays and holidays, visitors can order a value sweet set (a set of the cakes and tea or coffee with 2,260 yen) during the cafe time.
[map lat=”35.655481″ lng=”139.747185″]

Sky Lounge Stellar Garden

Address: 4-8-1 Shibakoen, Minato Ward, Tokyo

5:00 PM – 2:00 AM (Weekday)
3:00 PM – 2:00 AM (Day before a holiday)
3:00 PM – 12:00 AM (National Holidays)

Phone: 03-5400-1154

Website: Sky Lounge Stellar Garden


 #4. Tofuya Ukai

 Tofuya Ukai
Photo Credit:

Between Tokyo Tower and Shiba Koen, there is a traditional and elegant Japanese restaurant named Tofuya Ukai. The building itself was used as a part of a 200 years old brewery.

 Tofuya Ukai
Photo Credit: Ting Him Mak@flickr

They offers Kaiseki Ryori (traditional Japanese course) including its speciality, Tofu dishes. Visitors can enjoy not only sophisticated Japanese dishes but also the antique interior and beautiful Japanese garden. There is a shop at the entrance selling take-out tofu products, too. Even visitors don’t have time to eat at the restaurant, it is worth visiting to see various original tofu products and walk around the garden with the view of Tokyo Tower.
[map lat=”35.657600″ lng=”139.745126″]

Tofuya Ukai

Address: 4-4-13 Shibakoen, Minato Ward, Tokyo

Hours: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

5,670 yen ~ (Lunch)
8,960 yen ~ (dinner)

Phone: 03-3436-1028

Website: Tofuya Ukai


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