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Japanese beauty products and cosmetics at drugstores

10 Japanese Beauty Products for Under 1,500 yen at Drugstores

The Japanese drugstores will blow your mind with many varieties of makeup and beauty products. Here are 10 must-buy beauty products you need to try.

Looking for affordable beauty products with quality? The Japanese drugstores will blow your mind with many varieties of makeup and beauty products that will surely satisfy your beauty craze while keeping your travel budget under control. Here are 10 must-buy beauty products you need to try.


#1. Integrate: Mineral Watery Foundation N

Integrate: Mineral Watery Foundation N
Photo Credit: watashi by shiseido

インテグレート ミネラルウオータリーファンデーション N
1,404 yen

Integrate is a more affordable line from famous Shiseido. And yes, you can still expect the Shiseido magic with this affordable product. Save yourself precious time in the morning with this all-in-one product which serves as lotion, milky lotion, sunscreen, base and foundation. It’s light on skin and will keep your skin moisturized.


#2. Canmake: Cream Cheek

Canmake: Cream Cheek
Photo credit: canmake.com

キャンメイク クリームチーク
580 yen +tax

Canmake has a lot of popular products, but this one is the everyone’s ultimate favorite. It’s cheap, cute, and it works. Once applied on your cheek, this creamy blush turns into light powder which blends into your skin right away and gives you the perfect natural rosy look.


#3. dejavu: Fiber Wig Extra Long

dejavu: Fiber Wig Extra Long
Photo Credit: dejavu-net.jp

デジャヴュ ファイバーウィッグウルトラロング
1,500 yen +tax

It’s a little bit on the high-end for a drug store makeup, however it is worth paying the price. The name is petty self-explanatory; it has fibers in it and makes it seem as if you are wearing fake lashes. It can also be removed with only warm water, yet it stays perfectly on your lashes when it needs to. No more suffering from black smudges  under your eyes or using hundreds of cotton balls to remove your mascara.


#4. Heroine make: Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep

Heroine make: Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep
Photo Credit: isehan.co.jp

ヒロインメイク スムースリキッドアイライナースーパーキープ
1000 yen +tax

Here is another remove-with-warm-water product with a fun package design. It is water-proof, so you don’t have to worry about turning into a panda at the end of the day. And when you don’t want it on anymore, all you need is warm water to take it off. With its tiny and smooth brush, you have a lot of control with your strokes. From everyday casual to bold cat eyes, this eyeliner will help you get any look you want.


#5. Shiseido: Eyebrow Pencil

Shiseido: Eyebrow Pencil
Photo Credit: shiseido.co.jp

資生堂 眉墨鉛筆
216 yen

This is one of the best deals you can find at a Japanese drugstore. A two dollar Shiseido makeup? Yes, Please. Sometimes simple and quality things are all you need. No need for fluff. This eyebrow pencil has the perfect hardness which glides across your skin without breaking. If you are looking for something cheap with good quality, this is a must-have.


#6. Chifure: Moisure Gel

Chifure: Moisure Gel
Photo Credit: chifure.co.jp

ちふれ うるおいジェル
800 yen + tax

Chifure has been known to be customer-friendly with affordable products and great quality.  With one of the brand’s mottoes being ‘Challenge high-end products’, This product is really challenging the mindset of “the more expensive, the better it is”.  This alcohol-free, all-in-one moisturizer is one of the brand’s best selling products and is as good as expensive luxury brand’s products. And the best thing about it? You can use it as much as you want, and you never feel bad about buying a new bottle.


#7. Canmake: Stay on Blam Rouge

Canmake: Stay on Blam Rouge
Photo Credit: canmake.com

キャンメイク ステイオンバームルージュ
580 yen +tax

This lipstick/lip balm’s weightless strokes will dress your lips with a glossy coat of lively colors. The extracts from honey and Shea butter give dry skin needed moisture and help you get plump lips. Can this be more perfect? Yes, it’s also SPF 11.


#8. Majolica Majorca: Shadow Customize

Majolica Majorca: Shadow Customize
Photo credit: shiseido.co.jp

マジョリカ マジョルカ シャドーカスタマイズ
540 yen

Another line from Shiseido. This brand’s super romantic packaging will surely make feel like a princess. Also the bright, candy-like colors of this eye shadow collection will convince you that you need to get all of them. Just one stroke of the bright color will bring out gorgeous depth in your eyes.


#9. Kate: Designing Eyebrow N

Kate: Designing Eyebrow N
Pphoto Credit: nomorerules.net

ケイト デザイニングアイブロウ N
1,200 yen +tax

If you are a fan of  brow power, here is a perfect pick for you. Each case will come with three shades which can be mixed to create a perfect shade for your brow. Also if you are into contouring, you can apply it below your brows and side of your nose to enhance your facial structure.


#10. Cezanne: UV Foundation EX Plus

Cezanne: UV Foundation EX Plus
Photo Credit: cezanne.co.jp

セザンヌ UVファンデーション EX プラス
500 yen +tax

This alcohol-free, Ultraviolet-absorbing-agent-free, Tar-color-free product is also long-lasting, pore-covering and moisturizing. Also it’s SPF 23. Also refill is 380 yen. Wow. Where have you been all my life!?


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