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Sukiyabashi Jiro - Ginza

Top 3 Luxurious Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo You Must Fall in Love

Top 3 luxurious sushi restaurants in Tokyo awarded the highest honor of 3 Michelin stars the year it entered the Michelin guide. You must fall in love with their Sushi.

#1 Sukiyabashi Jiro – Ginza

Sukiyabashi Jiro - Ginza
Photo Credit: Leon Brocard@flickr

Sukiyabashi Jiro is certainly the most famous sushi restaurant in the world because of “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” documentary. The three-star Michelin restaurant Sukiyabahi Jiro where President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had dinner together runs by veteran master chef Jiro Ono 90 years old located in the basement of an office building near Ginza station. There is only a single wooden counter around just ten tables.

Sukiyabashi Jiro - Ginza
Photo Credit: Leon Brocard@flickr

Sukiyabashi Jiro - Ginza
Photo Credit: Leon Brocard@flickr

An omakase (chef’s choice) experience of roughly 20 pieces costs 30,000 yen lasts less than 30 minutes as per their philosophy. Chef Jiro believes that the highest quality sushi is served within five seconds of being prepared and consumed it immediately. That’s why the intervals between each sushi piece is very short.

As a master sushi chef uses his five senses, here are some what Chef Jiro is particular about.


The temperature of the rice is one of the most important things. The rice would be cooked 30 minutes just before their customers arrive. He is also particular about how to wash, how to cook and how to keep. Just make them the best temperature as human body temperature. Each grain balances the sashimi and satisfies without feeling too heavy.

Sushi Vinegar

The combination of Shari (Sushi rice) and Neta (Sashimi) is also important. He is particular about how to make this combination the best. You might enjoy this combination depends on the season. Shari is made to be more sour in Summer rather than other seasons.

Fish Temperature

They Keep each selected fish at slightly different temperature to serve their Sushi as the best temperature.

Master chef Jiro maintains the tradition of Edo-style sushi. Here are some tips for reservations and dining.

・They accept reservations from 9am of the first day of each month for the following month.
・Reservations have to be made in Japanese. The hotel concierge might help to make the reservations. Not to be late for the reservations.
・Refrain from wearing strong perfume.
・Try to study proper sushi dining etiquette.

You might have an experience traditional and real sushi style  here such as etiquette and manner from chef Jiro who is quiet, laser focused, meticulous, and efficient in his preparation of every piece of fish. If you watch his documentary film before you visit, you might feel like transported into the movie once you sit at the sushi counter.
[map lat=”35.672579″ lng=”139.764048″][/map]

Address: Tsukamoto Sogyo Building, Basement 1st Floor,2-15, Ginza 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Access: From Tokyo Metro Ginza Line “Ginza Station” Exit C6 1-minute by walk

Lunch  11:30am – 2:00pm
Dinner 5:30pm – 8:30pm
*Sundays, public holidays, Saturday evenings, mid-August, and Year-end holidays are closed

Tel: +81 (0)3-3535-3600

Website: Sukiyabashi Jiro


#2 Yoshitake – Ginza

This is another Edo style sushi operates by chef Yoshitake where you might enjoy the art of sushi with the color of the sashimi and rice, the sushi master slicing fish and making sushi and do all the talking with the guests you have never ever experienced before.

As the seating is intimate with only 7 seats, it might be probably one of the difficult sushi restaurants to make reservation in Tokyo, but it will not disappoint you. You might experience the next level when you observe rolling the sushi in front of you.

Omakase course one fix menu for all guests starts from 23,000 yen. Their famous juicy, creamy, rich, complex and textured abalone liver dish with sauce made from its liver is worth to try that you can enjoy every last drop as added a little spoonful of rice in the sauce at the end.

Their second shop Sushi Shikon first opened in Hong Kong was also awarded three Michelin stars in the 2014 Hong Kong/Macau Michelin Guide.
[map lat=”35.668436″ lng=”139.760975″][/map]

Address: 3F Suzuryu bldg. 8-7-19 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo

Access: From Tokyo Metro Nanpoku Line “Roppongi 1-Chome Station” Exit 3 a 1-minute walk

Lunch  11:30am – 2:00pm
Dinner 6:00pm – 11:30pm L.O.21:30
*Sundays, public holidays, mid-August, and Year-end holidays are closed.

Tel: +81 (0)3-6253-7331

Website: Sushi Yoshitake


#3 Saito – Roppongi

Sushi Saito is operated by young friendly master chef Takashi Saito located at ARK Hills South Tower 1F moved from hiding inside a car park Akasaka, seating eight people at full capacity along the little counter and seven people at private rooms.

You might enjoy in a great relaxed atmosphere less traditional there is none of the strict rules of how to behave. You can even order champagne or wine with your meal. It starts from 10,000 yen for lunch and 20,000 yen for dinner without tax.

He brings to you the balance and the harmony of flavours with his signature style of slightly smaller cuts of fish and a touch more salt in the rice. It is certainly you might start smiling with your whole body once you bite one.
[map lat=”35.665652″ lng=”139.739438″][/map]

Address: Ark Hills South Tower 1F, 1-4-5 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo

・From Tokyo Metro Namboku Line “Roppongi-Itchome Station” Exit 3 a 1-minute walk
・From Tokyo Metro Ginza Line “Tameike-Sanno Station” Exit 13 a 1-minute walk
・From Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line “Kamiyacho Station” Exit 4 an 8-minute walk
・From Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line “Akasaka Station” Exit 5 a 9-minute walk
・From Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line “Diet building station square” Exit 3 a 10-minute walk

Lunch  12:00pm – 14:00pm L.O.1:30pm
Dinner 5:00pm – 10:00pm L.O.9:30pm
*Irregular holidays

Tel: +81 (0)3-3589-4412

Website: Sushi Saito


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