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7 Characteristics You Should Know Before Visiting Osaka

7 Characteristics You Should Know Before Visiting Osaka

If you go to Japan, you should visit a lot of places, not just Tokyo. Osaka should be an one candidate because you can see another aspect of Japan.

I am from Osaka, and I had lived there for 18 years before I left for going to university which is in another distinct. And I have lived in Tokyo for 5 years. I feel there are a lot of differences between these two districts. I would like to talk about those in the following paragraphs.


#1. Osaka Dialect


If you visit Osaka, you may be confused because the Japanese you hear in Osaka is a little bit different from the one you learned. Osaka has its own dialect called Kansaiben, and it is differ from standard Japanese regarding of the intonation, end of a sentence, and words themselves.


#2. Taste Sense


Even though you eat the same dish both in Tokyo and in Osaka, you may notice there is a difference of taste. Food products in Osaka is blander than those in Tokyo. This is because chefs in Osaka put stress on extracting umami from stocks.


#3. Sense of Humor

Photo Credit:  Richard, enjoy my life!@flickr

Basically, people in Osaka like comedy. Not only do they like to watch comedy show, but they like to have someone else laugh in daily life. Because audience watch a lot of funny things every day, they have severe eyes to watch comedy. Therefore, there are a lot of popular comedian from Kansai distinct.


#4. More Active

A park in Osaka

As far as I know, children in Osaka like to play outside of their home. On the other hand, I don’t see many children playing in the park in Tokyo. Probably they play video game or study in the house. Probably because they do some exercise in their childhood, a lot of professional athletes are from Osaka.


#5. Value Sense of Fashion

Photo Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson@flickr

Girls in Tokyo boast that they buy looking expensive clothes at the “high” price. On the other hand, Girls in Osaka boast they buy looking expensive clothes at the “low” price.


#6. Prices

Osaka prices
Photo Credit: halfrain@flickr

Prices in Osaka is a little bit lower than those in Tokyo. The consumer price index in Tokyo was 108.5 in 2007, whereas that in Osaka was 102.0 in the same year. If you like to buy something in Japan, you may be able to purchase products in Osaka more cheaply.


#7. Character

character of Osaka People
Photo Credit: La Citta Vita@flickr

Basically, people in Osaka tend to be relatively obliging (or officious) and social. Neighbors know each other and a neighborhood association supports inhabitants. For example, it helped my grandmother enrolled in an elderly nursing home. I knew a lot about my neighbors when I was in Osaka. But, I don’t know even the name of them in Tokyo.


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