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9h Nine Hours
Haneda Airport

Top 4 Female-Friendly and Luxurious Japanese Capsule Hotels

Here is a list of our recommendations for high-quality capsule hotels that offer an alternative to getting a hotel room. They are clean, cheap, and comfortable!

Capsule hotels have been popular among foreign travelers recently for its affordability and uniqueness.  Although, not all capsule hotels are created equal, or clean.  Some capsule hotels use a shared restroom and shower area for men and women, which may be uncomfortable to some. However, there are capsule hotels that offer a more private option that have a women-only area for restrooms and bathing.  Here is a list of our recommendations for high-quality capsule hotels that offer a cheap alternative to getting a hotel room, while allowing you to have your privacy in a clean and well-maintained environment.


#1. 9h Nine Hours – Kyoto

9h Nine Hours
Photo Credit:ブッキング・ドットコム)

Walking into this capsule hotel gives you a feeling of being in a Sci-fi movie. This stylish hotel won a famous design award in Japan in 2010, and it has been very popular for its futuristic features. With their minimalist concept of accommodation focusing mainly on the quality of sleep and rest, they offer luxurious stays at cheaper prices. The pictures below are from Kyoto, but they also have facilities in Narita and Sendai.

9h Nine Hours
Photo Credit:ブッキング・ドットコム)

There are separate facilities for men and women. Once you are checked in, you can drop off your personal belongings in your locker where a towel, tooth brush, and pajamas are prepared for you. Shampoo, conditioner and soap are also available for free in the shower room.

9h Nine Hours
Photo Credit:ブッキング・ドットコム)

Obviously, this is the fun part. these cozy ‘pods’ will provide the comfort and the rest to help you get ready for an adventure in the city the next day.
[map lat=”35.002675″ lng=”135.766660″][/map]

Nine Hours

Address: 588 Teianmaeno-cho, Shijyo, Teramachi-dori, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto

Check-in 12:00 PM
Check-out 10:00 AM

800 yen (Shower )
1,000 yen ~ (Nap)
4,900 yen ~ (Over night stay)

Amenities: Bath towel, face towel, pajamas, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, soap are provided.

Phone: 075-353-7337

Website: Nine Hours

Other Locations:
Nine Hours Narita
Nine Hours Sendai


#2. Grids – Akihabara

Photo Credit:ブッキング・ドットコム)

If you are looking for something more than just a lone sleeping pod of capsule hotels, Grids Akihabara is the place to go.  With a modern-style lounge, a cafeteria, and bar, Grids Akihabara provides you with opportunities to meet other travelers from all over the world. Also, they have different types of room plans such as, dormitory, family rooms, and even a room with tatami.

Photo Credit:ブッキング・ドットコム)

Dormitory rooms are perfect for group travelers. Each room comes with 4 beds, a couch, and a sink.

Photo Credit:ブッキング・ドットコム)

Family rooms come with 4 beds along with a shower and toilet. You have complete privacy to spend time with your family and friends.

Photo Credit:ブッキング・ドットコム)

The powder room is located on the women only floor. Perfect for getting ready for the day or a fun night out in Tokyo.
[map lat=”35.696579″ lng=”139.780326″][/map]

Grids Akihabara

Address: 2-8-16 Higashi Kanda,Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

Hours: 24 hours

Fee: 1 Pod 3,300 yen ~

Amenities may vary according to your room plan.
*There is a women-only floor. Some rooms offer a shower and toilet. The common room on the 7th floor has a mini kitchen with a fridge and other appliances.

Phone: 03 5822 6236

Website: Grids Akihabara

Other Locations: Grids Nihombashi East


#3. First Cabin – Tokyo Haneda

First Cabin
Photo Credit:ブッキング・ドットコム)

Located at the Haneda Airport, First cabin is a unique capsule hotel with the concept of an airplane cabin. From the luxurious looks of the hotel, it is hard to believe that this capsule hotel is located inside an airport. Plus, you won’t have to worry about missing your early morning/late night flight. First class rooms. 120cm-wide bed, TV, table, outlets, wifi, and a safe. The comfy spacious bed will give you enough space to stretch out while resting from your travel. Business class rooms. 100cm-wide bed, TV, outlets, wifi, and a safe. Tough it’s cheaper than the First class, this provides enough comfort to rest and relax. Their other facilities are also luxurious. There are separate facilities for men and women.
[map lat=”35.548823″ lng=”139.783876″][/map]

First Cabin

Address: 3-3-2 Haneda Airport, Ota Ward, Tokyo

Check-in 7:00 PM

Check-out 10:00 AM

First Class:
6,000 yen (Stay)
1,000 yen/1 hour (Short stay)
3,000 yen/3 hours (Early morning short stay)

Business Class:
5,000 yen (Stay)
800 yen/1 hour (Short stay)
Facilities lounge, public bath, shower booths, powder room, women-only lounge, changing room, etc.

Amenities: lounge wear, towels, toothbrush, slippers, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. (face wash, makeup remover, face lotion, etc are also provided in women facility) Irons and outlet adapters can be checked out for free at the front.

Phone: 03-5757-8755

Website: First Cabin Tokyo Haneda

Other Locations:
First Cabin Tokyo Akihabara
First Cabin Tokyo Tsukiji
First Cabin Tokyo Atagoyama
First Cabin Tokyo Akasaka
First Cabin Kyoto
First Cabin Osaka
First Cabin Fukuoka


#4. Centurion Cabin & Spa – Akasaka

Centurion Cabin & Spa
Photo Credit:ブッキング・ドットコム)

Centurion Cabin & Spa is a luxurious complete women-only capsule hotel and spa. They offer many spa/stay plans starting at 1,000 yen. Also, it’s only 2 minutes away from the closest station. Why not get extra relaxation at a luxurious bathroom and spa when you can?

Centurion Cabin & Spa
Photo Credit:ブッキング・ドットコム)

You think this fancy bathroom is pretty great for a capsule hotel?

Centurion Cabin & Spa
Photo Credit:ブッキング・ドットコム)

Wait! They also have a sauna!
[map lat=”35.675742″ lng=”139.735669″][/map]

Centurion Cabin & Spa

Access:Akasaka Lee Building 2F 4-2-4 Akasaka Minato Ward, Tokyo

Hours: 24 hours
*Cabin course check-in 2:00 PM, check-out 11:00 AM

1,000 yen~ (Foot Bath)
1,500 yen~ (Short course)
2,000 yen~ (3 hour course)
3,000 yen~ (6 hour course)
4,000 yen~ (Day free course)
4,500 yen~ (Night free course)
5,500 yen~ (Cabin course)

Facilities and Service: lounge, public bath, sauna, massage chair, TV, phone charger, free drink counter

Phone: 03-6441-3381

Website: Centrion Cabin&Spa (Japanese) Reservation here


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