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5 Rural Districts in Japan Guide Books Don’t Tell You About

There are not only Tokyo and Kyoto areas but also great attractive rural districts such as Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kyushu, Shikoku and Chubu in Japan.

Even though Japan has small territory, each distinct has its original characteristic. Therefore, it is a little bit wasteful that you stay just a one city while traveling in Japan. However, you may wonder where you should go. Let me introduce 5 rural districts in Japan about which a basic guide book does not have a lot of information.


#1. Hokkaido District


Hokkaido is a huge island existing to the north of Honshu, the main island of Japan. In the huge land, there are a lot of farms and ranches. Also a lot of seafood are available in the near sea. So this island is a kind of a food supplier to Japanese households.


Hokkaido is the coldest in Japan so that you may like to avoid to go there in winter, but this season is also good season because there is a snow festival where a lot of snow statues can be seen.


#2. Tohoku District

Tohoku District

Tohoku district is northeastern part of Honshu Main Island. It account for about 30% of the Main Island. It is famous as the place where people suffered from The Great Japan East Earthquake in 2011. Some places are still recovering, but most of the traffic infrastructures have been recovered so that you will not have so many troubles to visit it.


Hiraizumi is a one of the best places to visit. It is a town which was registered as a world heritage, and there are a lot of temples and ruins, which may tell you that this place used to flourish about 1000 years ago.


#3. Chubu District

Japan Alps

Chubu district is the central part of Honshu Main Island. In the center of this district, there are three big mountain ranges, each of whose height is about 3000 meter.

Chubu District

The northern part is famous as rice producing center, a lot of highly-qualified rice is raised.

Nagoya Castle

In the southern part, there is Nagoya, the third largest city in Japan.

Photo Credit: bryan…@flickr

There are unique food cultures in Nagoya, so you may see a lot of food products, such as hacchomiso and tenmusu, which you can’t see in the other parts of Japan.


#4. Shikoku District

Shikoku District

Shikoku is the smallest island among four main Japan islands. This island is connected to Honshu Main Island by two big bridges, Onaruto Bridge and Seto Bridge.


It is relatively warm, and a cherry blossom blooms at the very beginning of spring. This island is famous as the production center of a mandarin and an olive, taking advantage of this warm climate.


#5. Kyushu District


Kyushu Island exists to the east of Honshu Main Island. Kyushu district includes Okinawa islands which is one of the most popular tourist resort which has beautiful seashores and which has warm subtropical zone climate.


The biggest city in Kyushu is Hakata which has flourished as an International city for about 1000 years and where you can go to Pusan Korea by ferry, and it takes just three hours to arrive there. In the south of this island, there is a famous volcano named Sakurajima.


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