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Fuji Soba – The Best Japanese Fast Food Restaurant

Fuji Soba is a good restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine such as soba and udon with low price. I would like to share my experience at Fuji Soba.

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Fuji Soba
Photo Credit: shibainu@flickr

Nadai Fuji Soba is a Japanese cuisine chain restaurant which serves Japanese noodles (such as, soba and udon), rice bowls, and some alcohols. Generally this restaurant is called just “Fuji Soba”.

There are about 100 chain restaurants in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama. Also this chain restaurant was opened in Taiwan, Indonesia, and Philippine recently. Each dish is sold at a relatively low price so that general people, including foreign tourists, can enjoy Japanese dishes casually.


Buy a Meal Ticket

Even though you enter the restaurant, no waiter or waitress comes to ask you an order. Instead, you have to buy meal tickets form tickets vending machine which is usually outside of the restaurant. It is easy to buy tickets. All you have to do is just insert money and push the buttons of the dish you like to have. But a problem is that no English is written. Therefore, you have to be able to read at least a name of each dish; otherwise, you can’t choose dishes you want.


Order Your Dishes

Fuji Soba
Photo Credit : ivva イワヲ@flickr

A way of ordering in this restaurant looks like that in Starbucks. You give your meal ticket to chefs, and they will start your meals. But, if you order noodles, the chefs will ask you which you like to eat, soba or udon. You have to choose one of them, and have to answer them.

Also, you can buy an additional topping for noodles. In this case, you have to pay for that there in cash. Of course, no credit card is accepted. It might be a little bit scary to order your dishes in Japanese if you are not proficient in this language. I don’t think there is a staff who can speak English. But, this is also a fun thing that you can’t experience in your home country.


Take Your Dishes and Have a Seat

Like in Starbucks, if the name of the dish you ordered is called, you can take your dishes and have a seat wherever you like. There is a cooler box where there is a lot of cold water. You can fetch a glass of water there by yourself. You may notice the inside of the restaurant is not gorgeous at all. Instead, it is modest and a little narrow. This is not a place where a family come to enjoy meals. But, it is good to eat lightly by yourself. Basically, Enka, a Japanese Ballad, is played in the restaurant because the president of the restaurant really like it.


Take Your Dishes Back

After enjoyed your meals, you have to take your dishes back at drop-off point. Of Course, no tip is needed. Instead, you can just say “Thank you” or “Gochiso Samadeshita” meaning “Thank you for cooking delicious meals”.


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