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Japanese Language Exchange Partner

A Way of Finding Your Japanese Language Exchange Partner

If you like to improve your Japanese proficiency or just like to talk with Japanese people, you can find language exchange partners. Let's try to speak Japanese!

Japanese Language Partners

Japanese Language Exchange Partner

I have been learning Japanese for several years. Sometimes, I feel bored when learning grammar and building vocabulary. At that time, I feel like talking with someone in foreign language to improve my speaking skill or just to have a fun. Fortunately, I have a language exchange partner. She is a middle-aged lady who really like Johnny’s singers. (I am also Johnny’s fan) We talk once a week via Skype for at least an hour. And I really enjoy learning Japanese and talking about Japanese culture and celebrity news. She has been my partner for more than half a year and I hope that our good relationship continues for a long time.


How to Find Japanese Language Partners?

 Japanese Language Exchange Partner

There are a few to find out your prospective partners for language exchange. I think it is the easiest for you to search them via Internet. There are several webpages where foreign language learners are looking for partner for improvement of their conversation skill in foreign language, and they are so curious about you and your culture.

japanese language partner
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I recommend Conversation Exchange because at this site, there are a lot of Japanese who like to learn English or some other languages. People in this language exchange website vary in term of age, gender, and proficiency level. Relatively, there are young people, but you can see several middle age or older people. The funny thing is that you find out more males than females even though generally foreign language is more popular among females than among males.

But, there is a difficulty for finding out a long-term partner. Even though you register your information, few people will send you a message. I think a lot of foreign language learners are a little bit shy. Instead of waiting for a message, you can try sending massage to several people, not just a few, because the probability that you get a reply is low, say about 20%.

Also, even if you receive a reply, it doesn’t mean that the guy sending you a reply will be your partner. Sometimes, your schedule doesn’t match that of your prospective partners. Also, there is a case that even though you exchange Skype ID and arrange a meeting, the guy didn’t show up at the time when you are supposed to meet. You will hope that once you find out your partner, the relationship lasts for a long time. But, sometimes it doesn’t unfortunately because your partner may lose motivation for learning a foreign language or because you two don’t get on with each other.

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There are also a lot of Japanese who want to talk with foreign people as language exchange partners on Tinder.


Avoid people looking for a romance.

Japanese language exchange partner

You have to be careful if you meet your partners directly because there are some troubles. Some people misunderstand that language exchange is a kind of a way of finding a romance with foreign people and may ask you a kind of sexual favor. So, it is dangerous to go to your partner’s home for the first meeting. I recommend that you should talk or chat via Skype or Line, and you should know about your partner firstly.

There might be a lot of obstacles that prevent you from finding a partner for language exchange. But, I hope that you accomplish it and that you enjoy language exchange.


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