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Tips for Buying Night Bus Tickets – How to Get The Tickets?

This article talks about some tips for taking a night bus in Japan, including a way of buying tickets, the cost of the fare, and the some manners in the bus.

When I was a student, my husband and I visited Osaka where his mother lived. There are several ways to get there. At that time, we chose a night bus because we had no money but had a lot of free time. I like to talk about the method to take a long-haul bus in Japan.


Some Ways of Buying Night Bus Tickets


Basically, there are three ways to buy night bus tickets. If you decide to take a bus before you come to Japan, you can but it on the Internet. You can register your personal information firstly, then you can choose a bus you like to take. You can pay by credit card. The fare varies depending on the destination and the service you receive in the bus. For example, the fare to go to Osaka form Tokyo is between 4,000 and 7,000 Japanese. If you reserve your ticket early, you will receive some discount. My recommendation websites to buy night bus tickets. You can check almost of all night bus tickets in Japan when you see the under 4 websites.

#1. Willer Express
Language: English, 한국, 繁體中文

#2. Bus Channel
Language: English, 한국, 繁體中文, 简体中文

#3. Vipliner
Language: English, 한국,  简体中文

#4. Rakuten Travel
Language: Japanese


Also, you can buy tickets at major convenience stores, such as Seven Eleven and Lawson. A compound copy machine is installed in each store, and you can use it by touching the panel. You can press English button to follow the direction in English. Also, there is a ticket window in main JR station at which you can buy it directly.

You can choose one form various buses. For example, One bus has regular size seats, whereas another bus bigger seats. So the fare varies depending on the bus itself. Also, there are some buses which are available for only female passenger. Basically, a toilet is installed in all buses.


A Way of Taking a Night Bus


Basically, you should go to a bus terminal. Tokyo station and Shinjuku station has so huge a bus terminal that you can easily find out where it is. If you are far from such a bus terminal, you can wait for your bus at bus stop which has just a signboard. Please be either at the bus terminal or at bus stop in time. If you are late, your ticket will be void. When your night bus arrive, you can keep your baggage in the trunk. A driver or a staff check your ticket, and then you can board the bus. You can put your bag in the rack, and then you can have a seat and fasten your seatbelt. Any foods and drinks are allowed, but you should avoid something having strong smell.


In The Night Bus

Once your night bus departs, you can enjoy your snack, can watch the window, or can take a nap. You can recline the backrest part, but you may tell the passenger before doing that. A blanket and a pair of slippers are available. Please don’t make a noise in order not to annoy other passengers.


At The Parking Area

About every two hours, there is a recess. A bus stop at PA, parking area. Basically, there is a kind of shopping mall where some snacks, drinks, local souvenirs, and hot foods are available. Please make sure where your bus is parked; otherwise, you may lose your way and may be late for bus. Basically a bus doesn’t leave until all passengers come back to the bus, but, you don’t like to make any trouble for the bus to delay.

It takes almost 9 hours to get to Osaka from Tokyo. It is a long journey, and when I took this bus, it exhausted me. Definitely, now I choose an airplane or Shinkansen. But, it might be good to experience something that you couldn’t see if you took an airplane or a Shinkansen. It will be unforgettable memory of traveling in Japan.


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