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McDonald's in Japan

Is There Any Difference Between McDonald of Japan and That of the US?

This article talks about differences between McDonald in Japan and that in the United States. It includes the meal size, the taste, and the way of ordering.

Size difference

McDonald's in Japan
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All dishes in McDonald of Japan are smaller than those in the U.S. For example, a L size soft drink in Japan is almost as big as a M-size soft drink in the U.S. Probably, it is because Japanese people do not eat as much as American people. Thinking just about size, it might be better not to buy hamburgers in Japan.


No Refill

McDonald's in Japan
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It is usual to refill a cup with soft drink by themselves in any fast foods restaurant of the United States. But, in Japan, there is no refill service in McDonald of Japan. So, if you like to drink more, you have to order it. Refill service itself is available in some chain restaurants of Japan. But it costs higher than in the U.S.


Different Menu

McDonald's in Japan
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There are some dishes that you can eat in McDonald of Japan. For example, Teriyaki Mac hamburger has been one of the most popular hamburgers in Japan for a long time. Instead of beef, there is a pork patty sanded with buns. Also, Teriyaki sauce, which is made of sugar, soy sauce, and sweet sake, is really delicious.


The same tastes in the different countries

McDonald's in Japan
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At least, I feel the taste of Big Mac doesn’t change among countries. It means you can go to McDonald if you can’t eat any local food in foreign countries. I eat Big Mac in several countries when I like to avoid local foods. It might be a little risky to eat local foods in foreign countries because I am worried about the taste. For example probably it needs a lot of courage for foreign people to try eating sushi or any raw fish in Japan. Therefore, I feel relieved when I find out McDonald in foreign counties because it offers me at least edible dishes. But, after all, I eat local foods and find some of them delicious.


Vocabulary Words used in McDonald of Japan

McDonald's in Japan
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Almost all dishes you are familiar with in your counties are available in Japan. And you can use English name of any dishes because there is no Japanese words for them. (Big Mac is Big Mac in Japanese.) But, probably, you may have a trouble to say “for here or to go”. This is a kind of Japanese lessen. If you like to eat there, you can say “koko de tabemasu”. If you take your dish out, you can say “mochikaeri masu”. Perhaps some staffs may say “ eat-in? or take out?” . If so, they just means “for here or to go” These two words are wrong English used in any Japanese chain restaurant. But they have no idea that they use wrong words.


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