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10 Best Hokkaido Cheesecakes That Are Worth To Try

Cheesecakes used rich cheese of Hokkaido are really delicious. The tastes vary depends on each store. You should try cheesecakes and find your favorite one when you visit Hokkaido.

As you may know, high quality milk is produced in Hokkaido. It means milk products are also superb. Cheesecakes used rich milk in Hokkaido are really delicious and the tastes vary depends on each store. You should try and find your favorite one.


#1. Double Fromage – LeTAO

Double Fromage - LeTAO
Photo Credit: letao.jp

“Double Fromage” of Letao is the most famous cheesecake in Hokkaido. The cheesecake is made of double-layers of rare and baked cheesecakes. Once you take a bite, the cake melts in your mouth. It is introduced in various TV programs, magazines and guidebooks. The whole cake with a diameter of 12cm and costs 1,728 yen including tax.
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LeTAO (Flagship Store)

Address : 7-16 Sakai, Otaru, Hokkaido

Access : About 10-minute walk from JR Minami Otaru Station

Opening Hours : 9:00m ~ 6:00pm

Phone : +81(0) 134-31-4500

Website : LeTAO (Japanese)

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#2. Melcheese – Petite Merveille

Hokkaido Cheesecake
Photo Credit: petite-merveille.jp

“Melcheese” of Petite Merveille is the first one-bite size cheese soufflé sold in Hokkaido. The texture of Melcheese is soft, creamy and it tastes just like a melting cheese as its name suggests. They have other flavors including pumpkin, caramel, chocolate and strawberry. It costs 152 yen per piece including tax.
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Petite Merveille at Red Brick Warehouses

Address: 11-5 Suehiro Hakodate

Access: About 5-minute walk from “Jujigai Stop” of street tram.

Opening Hours: 9:30am ~ 7:00pm

Phone: +81-(0)138-84-5677

Website: Petite Merveille (Japanese)


#3. Cheese Omelets – Snaffle’s

Hokkaido Cheesecake
Photo Credit: snaffles.jp

“Cheese Omelets” has the melting soft texture just like half cooked omelet. It became popular by word-of-mouth information acquired from flight attendants who travels all places in Japan. They have chocolate and maple flavors, and those flavors are also tasty. It’s similar to “Melcheese” but “Cheese omelet” is a little sweeter. The price of a set including 8 Cheese Omelets is 1,296 yen including tax.
[map lat=”41.772479″ lng=”140.729399″][/map]

Snaffle’s (Flagship store)

Address : 18-2 Wakamatsu, Hakodate, Hokkaido

Access : About 3-minute walk from JR Hakodate Station

Opening Hours :  10:00am ~ 9:00pm
*Closed Wednesdays

Phone : +81-(0) 120-89-0609

Website : Snaffle’s


#4. Yakitate Cheese Tart – Kinotoya

Hokkaido Cheesecake
Photo Credit: bryan…@flickr

“Yakitate Cheese Tart” is a cheese cake baked in oven after pouring cheese mousse in cookie dough. The outside cookie is crispy and inside filling is soft. It costs 183 yen including tax.
[map lat=”43.047705″ lng=”141.392817″][/map]

Kinotoya Bake (Flagship Store)

Address : 5-1-20, 3-jo, Higashi Sapporo, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Access : About 5-minute walk from Shiroishi Station of Sapporo City Subway

Opening Hours : 9:00am ~ 9:00pm

Phone : +81-(0) 11-813-6161

Website : KInotoya Bake (Japanese)


#5. Furano Yukidoke Cheesecake – Shinya

Hokkaido Cheesecake
Photo Credit: yukidote.co.jp

“Furano Yukidoke Cheesecake” is a baked rare cheesecake covered by whipped cream just snow covering the land of Hokkaido in winter. It has rich taste but light because of the harmony of 4 layers including fresh whipped cream, rich cream cheese, wild grape jam mixed blueberries and crispy tart dough. The whole cake with a diameter of 14cm and costs 1,296 yen including tax.
[map lat=”43.347490″ lng=”142.388288″][/map]


Address : 4-7 Asahi, Furano, Hokkaido

Access : About 5-minute walk from JR Furano Station

Opening Hours : 9:00am ~ 7:00pm

Phone : +81-(0) 167-22-2042

Website : Shinya (Japanese)


#6. Yon Shu no Assort Cheesecake – Buono Buono

Hokkaido Cheesecake
Photo Credit: buono-buono.com

Buono Buono is a cheesecake specialty confectionary and 20 kinds and more cheesecakes are provided at the store over 20 years. The most popular product is a set of cheese cake assorted 1/4 of 4 popular kinds of cheesecakes including sour, New York, Gorgonzola and Edam cheesecakes. As you can try different tastes, you’ll never had enough. The set costs 1,620 yen including tax.
[map lat=”43.050266″ lng=”141.322574″][/map]

Buono Buono

Address : 24-1-18 Nishi, Minami-6jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Access : About 8-minute walk from Maruyama Koen Station of Sapporo City Subway

Opening Hours : 10:00am ~ 7:00pm

Phone : +81-(0) 11-552-5833

Website : Buono Buono (Japanese)


#7. Omo Cheese – Warakudo

Hokkaido Cheesecake
Photo Credit: warakudo.co.jp

“Omo Cheese” is a cheesecake with unique texture as it stretches like Omochi (rice cake). You may express the texture that OmoCheese is a cheese like an omochi or an omochi like a cheese. It’s one-bite size and easy to eat. A set of Omo Cheese includes 6 pieces and costs 972 yen including tax.
[map lat=”43.037782″ lng=”141.408565″][/map]

Warakudo (Flagship Store)

Address : 7-6-30 Sakae-dori, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Access : About 7-minute walk from Nango 7-chome Station of Sapporo City Subway

Opening Hours : 10:00am ~ 6:00pm

Phone : +81-(0) 11-853-3126

Website : Warakudo (Japanese)


#8. Akai Silo – Seigetsu

Hokkaido Cheesecake
Photo Credit: seigetsu.shop-pro.jp

“Akai Silo” was served as a desert for guests using premium seat of Japan Airline. The most significant point of this cheesecake is the moist texture and rich cheese flavor. It costs 137 yen each including tax.
[map lat=”43.805324″ lng=”143.895286″][/map]

Seigetsu (Flagship Store)

Address : Nishi 1, Kita 1-jo, Kitami, Hokkaido

Access : About 5-minute walk from JR Kitami Station

Opening Hours :  9:30am ~ 6:30pm

Phone : +81-(0) 157-23-3590

Website : Seigetsu (Japanese)


#9. Ushisan no Cheesecake – Farm Designs

“Ushisan no Cheesecake” is a cheesecake on a cocoa biscuit with chocolate dough in New York-style cheesecake to makes cow patterns. The cheesecake became popular when it was introduced on TV program and now they have a branch office overseas. The whole cake with a diameter of 12cm and costs 1,728 yen including tax.
[map lat=”43.206476″ lng=”145.116072″][/map]

Farm Designs (Flagship Store)

Address : 107 Kuma-ushiki-sen, Hamanaka-cho, Akkeshi-gun, Hokkaido

Access : About 10-minute drive from JR Hamanaka Station

Opening Hours: 10:30am ~ 5:00pm
*Closed Thursdays

Phone : +81-(0) 153-64-2310

Website : Farm Designs (Japanese)


#10. Yukikon Cheese – Rokkatei

“Yuki-Kon Cheese” is a sandwich of crème cheese and available only the stores featuring cafeterias in Hokkaido can serve as its expiration of freshness period is just 2 hours. Sweetness of cheese and bitter cookies are in perfect harmony.
[map lat=”42.922277″ lng=”143.202478″][/map]

Rokkatei (Flagship Store)

Address : 9-6 Minami, Nishi 2-jo, Obihiro, Hokkaido

Access : About 7-minute walk from JR Obihiro Station

Opening Hours : 9:00am ~ 7:00pm

Phone : +81-(0) 120-12-6666

Website :  Rokkatei


You may be able to find the stores of above shops at airports, stations, shopping malls and other places. In addition, the other cakes sold at those stores are worth to try. Why don’t you come Hokkaido to visit those stores for tasting cheesecakes?


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