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7 Beautiful Destinations in Chichibu

7 Beautiful Destinations in Chichibu

Chichibu is a very attractive and beautiful travel spot with beautiful nature. It is located about one and a half hours from Tokyo. It is worth visiting Chichibu once.

Chichibu is a very attractive city about one and a half hours from Tokyo. It is very famous for its beautiful nature and every season has special attractions. I want to introduce you the spots you should go when you visit Chichibu.

#1. Nagatoro

Beautiful Destinations in Chichibu
Photo Credit: Guilhem Vellut@flickr

Nagatoro is a very popular touring spot for its beautiful nature.

Beautiful Destinations in Chichibu
Photo Credit: chichibu onsen

Especially the pile of rocks called ” Iwadatami ” is very famous.

Beautiful Destinations in Chichibu
Photo Credit: chichibu.jp

White water rafting is also popular as the main attraction in Nagatoro. It provides a thrill down the river rapid and also you can enjoy beautiful scenery around.
It is very fun to take a walk around Nagatoro station as there are a variety of eateries and souvenir shops. Also the steam locomotive runs on weekends and you can enjoy a ride and seeing the rice paddies, the Arakawa River gorge and the Chichibu mountains from the windows.
[map lat=”36.095474″ lng=”139.112159″][/map]


Address: Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama 369-1300

Website: Chichibu Railway


#2. Hitsujiyama Park

Beautiful Destinations in Chichibu
Photo Credit: kaniwa

Hitsujiyama Park is very famous for its beautiful pink carpet of sakura called shibazakura which blooms on the ground. It has a breathtaking beauty and many people visit Chichibu to see shibazakura every spring. From Hitsujiyama Park, you can see the imposing spectacle of Mt. Buko which is the highest mountain in Chichibu. It is highly recommended to visit to see this beautiful place.
[map lat=”35.986486″ lng=”139.089142″][/map]

Hitsujiyama Park

Address: 6360 Omiya, Chichibu-shi, Saitama 368-0023

Access: Seibu-Chichibu Line 20mins from Seibu Chichibu Station, Chichibu Railway 20 mins from Ohana Batake Station

Hours: 8:00am ~ 5:00pm

300 yen (Adult)
Free (Junior high school student)

Website: Chichibu Sightseeing Navigator


 #3. Chichibu Night Festival

Chichibu Night Festival
Photo Credit:chichibu-matsuri.jp

The Chichibu Night Festival is the festival of Chichibu Shrine.

Chichibu Night Festival
Photo Credit: chichibu-matsuri

It takes place on 2nd and 3rd December every year and is regarded as the three greatest parade float festivals in Japan with the Gion Festival in Kyoto, the Takayama Festival in Hida.

Chichibu Night Festival
Photo Credit:chintatsusoba

The most attractive scene about the Chichibu Night Festival is at night on December 3 and 6 floats which is 7 meters tall are drawn through the town. The scenery of floats lit up with countless lanterns is simply overwhelming. The fireworks illuminating the clear winter evening skies are another attraction of this festival.
[map lat=”35.997599″ lng=”139.084145″][/map]

Chichibu Night Festival

Address: 1-3 Banba-cho, Chichibu-city, Saitama 368-0041 (Chichibu Shrine)

Period: 2nd and 3rd December every year

Tel: +81(0)-494-22-0262

Website: Chichibu Sightseeing Navigator


#4. Icicle of Onouchi Valley

Icicle of Onouchi Valley
Photo Credit:kanko ogano

The icicles of Onouchi valley is made artificially for tourism by local people living in Ogano-machi. It measures 80 meters tall and 150 meters wide. You can see the mystical view from a suspension bridge spanning the valley.

Icicle of Onouchi Valley
Photo Credit: kanko ogano

The icicles illuminated by colorful lights is really beautiful and magical. During the period, small shops by local people are open and their local foods are popular. They serve a sweet alcoholic drink made from fermented rice called “Amazake” for free.
[map lat=”36.044500″ lng=”138.863951″][/map]

Icicle of Onouchi valley

Address: 996-1 Kawarasawa, Ogano-machi, Chichibu-gun 368-0113

Period: Jan and Feb

200 yen (Junior high school age and over)
Free (Children)

Tel: +81(0)-494-75-1381

Website: Kanko Ogano (Japanese)


#5. Nakatsu Valley

Nakatsu Valley
Photo Credit:chichibu

Nakatsu Valley has a beautiful scenery of landscape and is a very popular tourist spot. It is said that here is the most beautiful viewing spot with great leaves in Kanto region in Autumn. The view of the contrast of beautiful leaves and river is spectacular. The air is pristine and it is very nice to walk around. There is also camping area and you can enjoy camping, fishing and hiking.
[map lat=”36.000395″ lng=”138.807401″][/map]

Nakatsu Valley

Address: Otaki, Chichibu-city, Saitama 369-1901

Tel: +81(0)-494-55-0707

Website: Chichibu Sightseeing Navigator


#6. Mitsumine Shrine

Mitsumine Shrine
Photo Credit: Ryo Fujita@flickr

Mitsumine shrine is very famous as a spiritual place and located on top of Mt. Mitsumine which is 1,102 meters above sea level. It has a sublime atmosphere. You can see the view of great mountains, beautiful and colorful shrine decorations, historical buildings and lots of stone monuments. Also there are hot spring around Mitsumine Shrine and you can enjoy them too.
[map lat=”35.925404″ lng=”138.930401″][/map]

Mitsumine Shrine

Address: 298-1 Mitsumine, Chichibu-city, Saitama 369-1902

Tel: +81(0)-494-55-0241

Website: Sainokuni Kanko


#7. Nakamise Shopping Promenade

Nakamise Shopping Promenade

Seibu Chichibu Station is a gateway to Chichibu. In its shopping promenade there are a sake shop, souvenir shops and restaurants that only Chichibu can offer. It is very fun to browse local specialties and feel their flavor.

Waraji pork cutlet

You can eat Chichibu’s local specialty food, Waraji pork cutlet with special sauce in the restaurant there. Waraji is a traditional type of Japanese sandal and its big pork cutlets are as large as the size of Waraji and looks like them. That’s why it is called Waraji pork cutlet. It is very popular foods in Chichibu.
[map lat=”35.990038″ lng=”139.083218″][/map]

Seibu Chichibu Nakamise Shopping Promenade

Address: 1-16 Nosakamachi, Chichibu-city, Saitama 369-1902

Website: Seibu Group


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