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5 Hakodate’s Popular Local Dishes at Low Prices

Hakodate is a famous for fresh seafood and most people will recommend you to eat sushi. However there are some other nice foods that you can eat only in Hakodate.

Chinese Chicken Burger – Lucky Pierrot


Lucky Pierrot is a unique hamburger restaurant that has 17 branch shops located only in and around Hakodate. You can enjoy staying at the shop because each shop has different theme such as Santa Clause, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley, Gustav Klimt’s arts, Botticelli’s arts, old songs in the 1950’s, old movies, amusement parks and zoo. Each shop decorates exterior and interior following by the theme. Not only the decoration, but also the BGM matches to the theme. The taste of the dishes are really nice as well as the atmosphere of the shop certainly. Most of the vegetables, meats, seafood and other materials they use are produced in Hakodate or other areas of Hokkaido, so they are fresh and tasty. As well as hamburgers including unique fillings, pasta, curry and rice, omelet rice, and pork cutlet bowl are available. Their sweets and drinks are also popular.

Photo Credit: chinnian@flickr

The most popular dish at the shop is “Chinese Chicken Burger.” It is a comparatively big size chicken sandwich that fried chicken with salty-sweet sauce, fresh lettuce, mayonnaise placed between healthy quinoa buns. It costs 350 yen plus tax.  You will be satisfied with its taste, volume and price and find out why local people love and many tourists come to get one. In addition, there is a 650 yen (plus tax) value set including “Chinese Chicken Burger”, “Lucky Potatoes” which are French flies with cheese and kind of brown sauce, and high quality Oolong tea. The shops are located in Bay Area, Goryokaku, near the station, and other areas.
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Lucky Pierrot Bay Area (Flagship Shop)

Address : 23-18 Suehiro Hakodate, Hokkaido

Access : 216m (about 5-minute walk) from “Suehiro-cho” streetcar stop

Opening Hours : 10:00am ~ 12:30am in principle
*Open hours differ depending on shop

Phone : +81-(0)138-26-2099

Website : Lucky Pierrot (Japanese)


Yakitori Bento – Hasegawa Store

Photo Credit: klm@flickr

Hasegawa Store is convenience store that has 14 branch stores located only in Hakodate and neighboring city and town. Their “Yakitori Bento” which is a lunch box with grilled skewed pork on rice covered by seaweed has been loved by local people and sold for over 30 years. Yakitori means grilled skewered chicken in principle, however grilled pork is served as a kind of yakitori in Hokkaido strangely. The “Yakitori Bento” was created long time ago; when a customer came to buy a Bento (lunch box), all Bento was sold out and only Onigiri (rice ball) and Yakitori were left. At that time, a sales clerk responded quickly and smartly by breaking up Onigiri and putting Yakitori on the rice with seaweed. Since then, the Yakitori Bento grew into Hasegawa Store’s leading product.

You can select sauce of Yakitori when you order whether garlic salt sauce or sweet soy-sauce. Of course, you can select mixed flavors, too. You may see the scene a salesclerk spray something on Yakitori when they grill. The liquid they spray is red wine made in Hakodate to make the pork soften. They have various sizes and types of Yakitori Bento and some toppings are available. The original and basic Yakitori Bento that contains 200g rice and 3 grilled skewed pork costs 445 yen including tax.
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Hasegawa Store Bay Area (Flagship Store)

Address : 23-5 Suehiro Hakodate, Hokkaido (Next to Lucky Pierrot Bay Area)

Access : 216m (about 5-minute walk) from “Suehiro-cho” streetcar stop

Opening Hours : 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Open hours differ depending on shop.)

Phone : +81-(0)138-24-0024

Website : Hasegawa Store  (Japanese)


Cisco Rice – California Baby

At the Bay Area, one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Hakodate, there is a cafeteria named “California Baby.” It is located next to above-mentioned Lucky Pierrot Bay Area since 1976. The inside of the cafeteria decorated by signs of Coca Cola and Budweiser, furnished with vintage-like furniture and playing oldies as BGM has an atmosphere just like a cafeteria of a port city in the old U.S. They have delicious sandwiches and hamburgers, but it is strongly recommended to order “Cisco Rice.” Cisco Rice is the most famous and popular menu that has sausage with a sauce containing minced meat and tomato ketchup on buttered rice. It costs 770 yen including potato salad and some vegetables provided with the Cisco Rice.
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California Baby

Address : 23-15 Suehiro Hakodate, Hokkaido (Close to Lucky Pierrot and Hasegawa Store)

Access : 216m (about 5-minute walk) from “Suehiro-cho” streetcar stop

Phone : +81-(0)138-22-0643

Opening Hours : 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM (weekdays), 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM (weekends and holidays) (Closed Thursdays.)


Kaniman – Kaniman Chaya

“Kaniman” is a steamed bun with crab meat filling. The filling contains vegetables such as onions, bamboo shoots and snow crab meat, of course. You can buy it at “Kaniman Chaya” at Asaichi (morning market). It is strongly recommended to eat it in winter because hot Kaniman will make your cold body warm. As it is a light snack, you can eat while walking. It costs 360 yen including tax.
[map lat=”41.771908″ lng=”140.725647″][/map]


Address : 9-23 Wakamatsu, Hakodate, Hokkaido (In Asaichi area)

Access : About 2-minute walk from Hakodate Station

Opening Hours : 6:00am – 2:00am

Phone : +81-(0)138-22-0400

Website : Kaniman Chaya (Japanese)


Shio Ramen – Ajisai

Ramen is the one of the foods you should try if you come to Hokkaido. It is said that Miso (soy bean paste) ramen is major in Sapporo, Shoyu (soy sauce) ramen in Asahikawa and Shio (salt) ramen in Hakodate. Among ramen shop mainly serving Shio ramen, Ajisai is one of the best ramen shop and popular among local people and tourists. It costs 750 yen for the original and basic salt ramen noodles.
[map lat=”41.794613″ lng=”140.753294″][/map]

Menchubo Ajisai (Flagship Shop)

Address : 29-22 Goryokaku, Hakodate, Hokkaido (In front of Goryokaku Tower)

Access : About 2-minute walk from “Goryokaku-koen-mae” streetcar stop

Opening Hours : 11:00am ~ 8:25pm

Phone : +81-(0)138-51-8373

Tabelog : Ajisai Hakodate


Most of above low price dishes became common when GLAY, a popular rock band from Hakodate introduced them. At the same time you can taste local residents’ favorites, you can save your money by cutting down food expenses with those inexpensive food. All of these stores and restaurants are located in sightseeing spots, so you will be easily find. Why don’t you drop by to go for lunch or dinner when you become hungry during the sightseeing?


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