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Tomogashima Island

Tomogashima Island – It’s Like Real “Castle in the Sky”

It is said that the ruins on the island of Tomogashima in Setonaikai looks just like Hayao MIzyazaki's Castle in the Sky. This is a must see location for Studio Ghibli fans visiting Japan.

What’s Tomogashima Island Like?

Tomogashima Island - "Castle in the Sky"

Tomogashima is a group of small uninhibited islands consisting of Okinoshima, Torashima, Jinoshima, and Kamishima in Setonaikai. Among these beautiful green islands, Okinoshima is famous for ruins of fortresses built by the Japanese Imperial Army in the 1890s.  (When talking about Tomogashima, it usually addresses to Okinoshima)


The red brick ruins were slowly swallowed by the forest and are said to be similar to the scenes from Hayao Miyazaki’s movie, Castle in the Sky. They attract many visitors to the deserted island of Tomogashima. When you step into the abandoned ruins of Tomogashima, it almost feel like you are in a live action set for Castle in the sky.

Tomogashima Island

There are 5 fortresses in Okinoshima. You can still go inside of some of these building, but some of them are not in good condition. Here are some of places to visit in Tomogashima/okinoshima.


Daisan Hodai Ato

Tomogashima Island

Daisan hodai ato (Third battery site) is the largest fortress and probably the best maintained one as well. The ammunition chambers of the Daisan hodai ato is definitely the best known place in Tomogashima.

Tomogashima Island

Inside of the chambers is like a maze. It’s dark even during the day, so it’s safe to bring a flash light with you.

Tomogashima Island

Where a cannon used be placed is now turned into a pond with rain water.

Tomogashima Island

The entrance to underground rooms.


Daini Hodai Ato

Tomogashima Island

Daini hodai ato (Second battery site) is a fortress facing Setonaikai. This place was bombed by the allies after World War 2, and left as it was.

Tomogashima Island

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to go inside due to its condition. It wouldn’t seem weird if the robot soldier from the Castle in the Sky would appear all of sudden.


Tomogashima Lighthouse

Tomogashima Island

This is the 8th oldest lighthouse in Japan built in 1872. This beautiful lighthouse is still in use today, helping the local boats.


How to Get to Tomogashima

Tomogashima Island - "Castle in the Sky"

The only way to get to Tomogashima is to catch a ferry at Kada port. The ferry schedule changes depending on the season, so make sure to check the ferry website before your trip.
[map lat=”34.282488″ lng=”135.013617″][/map]

Tomogashima Island

Directions from Osaka: Nankai-namba station to Wakayama city station on Nankai line Wakayamahi express/Wakayama city station to Kada station on Nankai-kada line/11 minute walk to Kada port

Mar ~ Nov:
9:00am 11:00am 1:00pm 4:00pm (Apr 28th ~ May 6th, Jul 20th ~ Aug 20th, There are additional 10:00am and 3:00pm ferries)

Dec ~ Feb:
10:00am 3:oopm (Only available on weekends and holidays)

*no ferry available from December 29th ~ January 3rd
*No Ferry Available on Tuesday and Wednesday
*Also check the whether before your trip to Tomogashima

Adult 2000 yen round trip
Children 1000 yen round trip

Ferry Website: Tomogashima Ferry (Japanese)
Official Website: Tomogashima Island


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