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Weird English Words

“Made-in-Japan” English Words that Might Confuse English Speakers

Japanese people use lots of English words in their daily Japanese conversation but there are several words which Japanese believe English words and actually they are not.

Japanese people are using a lot of English words in their daily Japanese conversation such as “hotel”, “T-shirt”, “sneaker”, “folk”, “knife”, and so on.  Also, there are many words which Japanese people use frequently and believe they are English words but actually they are not or used with different meanings. When you talk with Japanese people in English, you might encounter these “Made-in-Japan” English Words. It is worth knowing these words if you have many opportunities to talk with Japanese people.  Let me give you some examples.


Weird English Words

This word is used in Japanese as electric wall outlet. There are some explanations why Japanese people call the wall outlet as concent but all of them are not sure. If you invite a Japanese friend to your house and she/he asks “Where is the concent?”, just show the nearest wall outlet.


Gasoline Stand

Weird English Words

You might guess the meaning of this word. It is Made-in-Japan English Word of gas station. Japanese gas station is just like the one in the other countries. Gasoline is not sold at a store like coffee stand in Japan.



Weird English Words

This word is very commonly used in Japan, like “She is an OL”, “I am an OL”, or so.  OL is acronym of Office Lady, which is still Made-in-Japan English Words. The meaning of this word is female office worker. Many Japanese believe Office Lady is formal English words.



Weird English Words
Your Japanese friend may say “Let’s go to viking for dinner”. It does not mean you will go to a restaurant where big dishes for vikings are served. “Viking” means “all you can eat” or “buffet style” in Japan.


Baby Car

Weird English Words

Did you know Japanese babies are driving cars?  Just a kidding.. “Baby Car” means stroller or buggy.


Fried Potato

Weird English Words

All Japanese McDonald’s menu has “Fried Potato”. You might think it is original menu available only in Japan and order it. However it is just regular french fries. There are Only Japan menu in Japanese MacDonal’s though. “Teriyaki burger” is one of those.

There are more Made-in-Japan English Words. I think these words should be corrected but they have been used for many years and are so familiar for Japanese people thus very hard to be corrected.

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