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The Successful Japanese Fast Food Restaurant Chain

Did you know there are variety of fast food restaurant chains originated in Japan which are quite successful in business? Let me introduce several famous Japanese fast food restaurant.

#1. Yoshinoya (Gyudon)

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Yoshinoya is a very popular fast food chain for Gyudon. “Gyu” means beaf and “don” means rice bowl. So “Gyudon” is a rice bowl covered by thin sliced cooked beef which is simmered in a sweet & salty sauce (Soy sause & Dashi base).  Yoshinoya is also called as “Yoshi-Gyu” by young generation.

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The price of one regular beef bowl is less than JPY 400. Although the price is low, the quality and taste of the beef bowl is really good. Yoshinoya has restaurants in several different countries including the U.S. I tried one of the Yoshino-ya restaurants in Los Angels but the taste was different than the Japanese Yoshinoya. When you visit Japan you must try Yoshinoya beef bowl.  Gyudon is very popular fast food for Japanese and there are many other Gyudon restaurants in japan. The other famous Gyudon chain restaurants are, Sukiya, Matsuya, and Nakau.


#2. Mos Burger (Burger)

Mos burger
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If you try Mos Burger, you will be amazed with the great taste of meat and sauce. They are also known as an inventor of unique burger menu.

Mos Burger
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One of the successful unique burger is “Rice Burger”. As the name describes, the bun of the burger is made of rice! It is a real “Japanese hamburger” and tests so nice.  Mos Burger started their first restaurant in 1972 and now runs more than 1,700 restaurants in Japan and became the biggest competitor of McDonald in Japanese burger market.


#3. CoCo Ichibanya (Japanese Curry)

CoCo Ichibanya

CoCo Ichibanya is the biggest curry & rice fast food restaurant chain in Japan. Japanese curry & rice tastes differently from the Indian or Thai curry. The curry sauce is much thicker and less spice flavor than the others.

Coco Ichibanya

At CoCo Ichibanya, you can choose the amount of the curry sauce and rice and also the level of the spiciness. A lot of side menu is available and it is one of the reason people like the CoCo Ichibanya. Go-Go Curry is one of the biggest competitors of CoCo Ichibanya.


#4. Gyoza no Ohsho (Gyoza)

Gyoza no Ohsho
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Gyoza is originated in China but it is very common Japanese home dish meal. It is  basically a small thin round dough that is stuffed with minced pork or shrimp fried, steamed, or boiled.

Gyoza no Ohsho
Photo Credit: Guilhem

Gyoza no Ohsho started in 1967 and currently runs around 700 restaurants in Japan. Although they are categorized as fast food chain, each Ohsho restaurant has chefs cooking Gyoza in open-style kitchen. Gyoza matches with steamed rice and also alcohol drinks and Ohsho serves beer, Sake and Shochu.


#5. Marugame Seimen (Udon)

Marugame Seimen
Photo Credit: Urawa

This is a Udon restaurant chain. Udon is a Japanese noodle usually served hot as a noodle soup. Marugame-Seimen started their first restaurant in 2000 and has been growing rapidly. Currently they have over 750 locations and became the biggest self-serve style Udon restraint chain.

Marugame Seimen
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One of the main factors of their success is its noodle. All restraint locations have equipment to make the Udon noodle and customers can eat very fresh Udon noodle which tastes much better.


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