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【May 2016】9 Newest Japanese Snacks You should Try

This May some of Japan's snack producers are releasing not only new snacks but new flavors and versions of popular snacks in Japan. These snacks range in variety from rich and creamy chocolates to savory crispy treats.

#1. LOTTE:Vessel in the Fog Matcha

LOTTE:Vessel in the Fog Matcha
Photo Credit: Lotte

Release: May 17
Price: Around 120 JPY (+tax)

Coming May 17th, this chocolate “Vessel in the Fog Matcha” will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. This chocolate has a unique texture. It incorporates tiny air bubbles that allow the chocolate to really melt and disappear in your mouth. The new matcha flavor coupled with the chocolate’s texture truly recreates the matcha experience.


#2. Tohato: Caramel Corn Star Festival ver.

Tohato: Caramel Corn - Star Festival ver.
Photo Credit: tohato

Release: May 16
Price: Around 130 JPY (+tax)

Tohato caramel corn is a classic snack that is easily recognizable to almost everyone in Japan. The snack is a corn puff that is coated in caramel. It is not overly sweet and has a light crisp to it. This May, they will begin their star festival limited edition. Along with a new package design, you can expect to find star shaped corn puffs that represent luck.


#3. Fujiya: Country Ma’am Tomato & Pumpkin

Fujiya: Country Ma'am - Vegetable

Photo Credit: Fujiya

Release: May 17
Price: 125 JPY

Country Ma’am is a popular cookie brand in Japan. This summer they are releasing their newest edition, a vegetable series, featuring a tomato flavor and a pumpkin flavor. Both of these cookies are made using BOSCO extra virgin olive oil.The Tomato flavored cookie is made from tomatoes grown in Spain and secretly flavored with lemon and carrot paste. The pumpkin flavored cookie is made from special pumpkins grown in Hokkaido and also includes crushed pumpkin seeds.


#4. Fujiya: Chocolat Veil with Feuillantine

Fujiya: Chocolat Veil - with Feuillantine
Photo Credit: Fujiya

Release: May 17
Price: 216JPY

Chocolat Veil will surely win you over with its presentation, texture, and flavor. This chocolate doesn’t melt even in the summer. This is because they used a baked chocolate that is then coated in a milk chocolate and finally wrapped in feuillantine, a crushed cocoa flavored crape.


#5. Meiji: Kajyu Gummy Muscat of Alexandria

Meiji: Kajyu Gummy - Muscat of Alexandria
Photo Credit: meiji

Release: May 10
Price: 100 JPY

This next treat changes a bit. This is a muscat gummy made from 100% juice from the muscat of Alexandria. It delivers a light and refreshing taste while still preserving the original flavor of the fruit. With no artificial coloring, this chewy gummy will be immediate hit.


#6. Glico: Pocky Summer limited

Glico: Pocky - Summer limited
photo Credit: pocky

Release: May 10
Price: Around 250 JPY

The two newest flavors pocky are Brazilian Orange and Coconut. Brazilian Orange is flavored with real oranges from Brazil with a hint of mango added to create a refreshing summery taste. The coconut flavored pocky is designed to capture not only the flavor but the scent and texture of eating a coconut. Make sure to try these early because they are only around for summer.


#7. Calbee: Kataage Potato Chips Sumibiyaki Chicken with Lemon

 Calbee: Kataage Potato Chips - Sumibiyaki Chicken with Lemon
Photo Credit: Calbee

Release: May 9
Price: Around 150 JPY

These kettle cooked chips are stapled in Japan. The more you chew this chip, the better it gets. The newest flavor in the Kataage series chips is a savory  charcoal roasted chicken with lemon flavor. This is a snack you can really savor and enjoy. *Convenience store limited.


#8. Calbee: Jagariko Cream Cheese

Calbee: Jagariko - Cream Cheese
Photo Credit: Calbee

Release: May 9
Price: Around 150 JPY

This snack is crunchy bite after bite and its newest flavor keeps the same formula. The cream cheese flavor brings with it all of the deliciousness with none of the drawbacks of real cream cheese. This rich yet refreshing snack will surely be popular this summer.


#9. Calbee: Poterich Uni Carbonara

 Calbee: Poterich - Uni Carbonara
Photo Credit: Calbee

Release: May 2
Price: Around 150 JPY

This is a flavor of potato chip that you will rarely find outside of Japan. This richly flavored thick cut potato chip is a true treat. Different from its regular series, this chip is richer in taste and has a real carbonara with a sea urchin flavor to it. Its creamy deliciousness is truly unrivaled. *Convenience store limited.

There is almost no end to the different types of snacks Japan has to offer. Hopefully this article will help you choose which one to try on your next visit.

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