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Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2016

Experience No Limits “Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2016”

"Red Bull Air Race 2016 Chiba" Chiba, the birth place of Japan's civil aviation, is the perfect place to have this exciting event. Find out more about this event here.

Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2016
Photo Credit: :reb bull air race chiba 2016

“14 PILOTS, 10G, NO LIMITS” summarizes the event of Red Bull Air Race 2016 very well. With a history that traces back 11 years, this adrenalin pumping, breath taking event comes back to Chiba again this year. This is the 3rd stop of a total 8-stop World Championship Tour 2016.

Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2016
Photo Credit: reb bull air race chiba 2016

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship is a series of air races taking places in 8 different countries with a minimum number of 8 participants at each race.  This year, 14 Master Class Pilots who have acquired a Master Class Super Licence issued by the Red Bull Air Race Committee are participating in the race.

Other than the Master Class, Challenger Cup is another category in this competition. Challenger Cup pilots who have Challenger Class Super License are given the opportunity to work towards acquiring Master Class Super License. Though the same racing rules apply, the track in the Challenger Cup is simplified or adapted from that of the Master Class.

Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2016
Photo Credit: reb bull air race chiba 2016

Various World Championship race points are given after each race according to the placement, which is based on the time each pilot takes to complete an aerial racetrack featuring air-filled pylons as they attempt to make as few errors as possible. The pilot who has the highest race points at the end of the season will be crowned as the Red Bull Air Race Champion of that year.

What a surreal experience the audience can have as they watch the pilots flip, turn, and maneuver their planes in unbelievable ways right in front of their eyes!

Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2016 Information

Date: Qualifier June 4th, Sat. / Finals June 5th, Sun.
*Event not postponed for rain, but maybe cancelled in the event of stormy weather.
*The schedule may be subject to change.

Venue: Chiba Makuhari Kaihin Seaside Park

Address: 2-116 Hibino, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture 261-0021

June 4th (Qualifying Day)
10:00 Doors open
10:45 Challengers – Free Practice
13:50 Masters – Free Practice
15:20 Challengers – Qualifying
16:00 Masters – Qualifying
19:00 Doors close

June 5th (Sun.) Race Day
10:00 Doors open
12:00 Challenger Cup
13:00 Masters – Round of 14
14:15 Challengers – Award Ceremony
15:00 Masters – Round 8
15:30 Masters – Final 4
15:55 Masters – Award Ceremony
18:00 Doors close

Tickets: (Tax included)
2 Day Ticket
Premium Sky Lounge     350,000 yen
Sky Lounge     250,000 yen
Club Lounge     150,000 yen
Deluxe Seat Area w/o Goods     50,000 yen
Deluxe Seat Area w/ Goods     55,000 yen
A Area w/o Goods     20,000 yen
A Area w/ Goods     25,000 yen
B Area     13,000 yen
B Area for Photographers     28,000 yen
Family Area [for 4-person group]     30,000 yen

1-Day Ticket for Qualifier (4th, Sat.)
Qualifier A Area w/o Goods   8,000 yen
Qualifier A Area w/ Goods     13,000 yen
Qualifier B Area    5,000 yen
Qualifier B Area for Photographers   15,000 yne

1-Day Tickets for Finals (5th, Sun)
Finals A Area w/o Goods     14,000 yen
Finals A Area w/ Goods     19,000 yen
Finals B Area    9,000 yen
Finals B Area for Photographers     19,000 yen
* For seating, please view Venue Map

Official Website: Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2016

[map lat=”35.642021″ lng=”140.033757″][/map]


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