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Part-Time Job in Japan

How Can I Find a Part-Time Job in Japan?

Finding a part time job in Japan isn't Herculean task. This article makes it simple. It breaks down the process and offers a great place to start when looking a part time job in Japan.

Part-Time Job in Japan
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If you are not aware, living in Japan is expensive. This fact probably rings truer for students who have to balance school work, having a social life, and part time work. So it isn’t surprising that one of the most frequently asked questions by foreign exchange students is “How can I find a part-time Job in Japan?” The answer isn’t as difficult as you would expect. There are lots of online resources available to help you through the process and they vary based on the amount of Japanese you know.


Finding a Part-Time Job in Japan

Part-Time Job in Japan
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The First step is figuring out what you want to do, or rather what you can do. If you are not confident with your Japanese or haven’t passed the N2 exam yet, teaching English in a one-on-one setting, in a English cafe, or in a classroom may be a good start. English is highly sort after language and part time teachers often make anywhere from 1500 JPY per hour to 3000 JPY per hour. Of course, if you know a non English Western language such as Italian, Russian, or French, you could be making upwards of 3000 JPY per hour. Some websites to look at include Baitoru (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean available), Get Students, GTN JOB and many more. Baitoru is probably your best bet in finding a job that suits you. This website allows you to search by area, station, type of job, and length of work. One of the good thing about this website is everything can be done online, no calling necessary. This website is also well known throughout Japan so many companies post openings here.

#1. Baitoru (English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese)

#2. Get Students (English)

#3. GTN JOB (English, Chinese, Korean, Việt)

#4. LINE Baito (Japanese)
*Highly Recommended if your Japanese ability is enough

#5. Mynavi (Japanese)
*Highly Recommended if your Japanese ability is enough

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If your Japanese ability is high enough, finding a part time job in Japan is even easier. Sometimes it is as easy as walking into a place that has a “Staff Wanted” or “Part timer wanted” and asking for an interview. There are also a number of free magazines that list part time work available in the surrounding area. These magazines are usually found at stations or convenience stores. Of course there are a number of online resources for Japanese speakers as well. As I mentioned earlier Baitoru is probably one of the most convenient websites you can use.


Resume & Visa Status

Part-Time Job in Japan
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Hopefully by this point, you have at least an English resume that you can use. Many of the websites require you to make an account and profile. Depending on the job you are applying for, you will need a number of different things. For starters, a resume, a photo ID, and authorization to work. You can buy resume forms at any convenience store, supermarket, or dollar store.

Part-Time Job in Japan
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As a foreign exchange student, you need to be aware of your current visa status. Students are not allowed to work without receiving the proper permit from the immigration bureau (Refer here for more details). Dressing appropriately and your presentation are also very important. For example, if you are interviewing for a position at a school, you should wear a suit at the very least. Other places like restaurants, you can be dressed more casually, but make sure your hands and nails are clean since you will be working around food.



#1. Visa

Be sure you are familiar with your current visa status. Students aren’t actually allowed to work on their student visa. A special permission is required to engage in activities outside of those explicitly mentioned on your visa. Make sure to visit the immigration office to get the permission to work. This process takes about a month, but lasts until your visa expires.

#2. Shikakugai Katsudo Kyoka

As we mentioned earlier, you need a special permission to work. Make sure to fill out this “Application for Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted” form at the nearest immigration office. Often times international office at your university will provide support.

#3. Working Hours

Keep in mind you are limited to work only up to 28 hours in a week and at most 8 hours per day during extended school vacations.

#4. Fields of Work

Be aware that you cannot work in any job related to adult entertainment. Even if you are washing dishes or cleaning in this industry, it is considered illegal.

Part-Time Job in Japan
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We covered a lot in different aspects in getting a part time job in Japan. From getting started to dressing for success, these tips will surely put you on the right path for employment. Remember you shouldn’t think of this just as a job, it is a great chance to improve your Japanese, meet new people, and explore yet another great aspect of Japanese culture.




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    May 9, 2016 at 1:13 pm

    This is another well written and informative article! I’ve studied abroad in Japan before and wish I had this kind of information. Haruna is my favorite author on this website, and quite honestly one of the only authors who seems to have a good grasp on the English language. Keep up the great writing Haruna and I can’t wait for the next one!

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