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Gari Gari Kun

10 Super Delicious Ice Creams from Japanese Convenience Stores

Ice cream is a favorite snack of all people. The Japanese are no exception. In fact, they have the some of the best ice creams available from Japanese convenience stores. It would be a sin not to try one of these.

We want to introduce 10 affordable ice creams that are readily available at most convenience stores throughout Japan. The summer heat in Japan is no joke. Temperatures are often in the 90s with humidity around 80% or even higher sometimes. Whether you are walking to get somewhere or just exploring the city, you can find your favorite ice cream in almost any convenience store. This is one of my favorite ways to beat the summer heat in Japan.


#1. Gari Gari Kun

Gari Gari Kun

Price : about 70 JPY

Calorie : 70 kcal

First up on our list is Gari Gari Kun. This is one of the most iconic ice cream bars in Japan. We say ice cream, but it is closer to a crushed ice texture. This means that the ice cream bar is low in calories but still has great flavor. Speaking of flavors, Gari Gari Kun has numerous seasonal flavors like pear, lychee, white soda and sometimes they offer unique flavors like cream stew. You also can win a free one if your ice cream stick has “当たり” on it. The soda flavored Gari Gari Kun is their base flavor and is available all year round. This ice cream is not only cheap, but extremely refreshing and perfect snack to beat the heat.


#2. Ice no Mi

Ice no Mi

Price : 126 JPY

Calorie : 111 kcal

Next on the list is Ice no Mi. This frozen treat is made from real fruit juice and very refreshing. This ice cream comes in many flavors like grape, orange, peach, and other great seasonal varieties. This treat has a unique packaging. There are 2 ways to open it. The first way creates a small opening so you can enjoy the treat to yourself. The second way creates a much wider opening so you can share with your friends. This snack has a gelato like texture and comes in small bite sized pieces that can be easily shared or eaten on the go.


#3. Gatsun to Mikan

Gatsun to Mikan

Price : 126 JPY

Calorie : 87 kcal

Another refreshing ice cream is the Gatsun to Mikan. This is another iconic Japanese ice cream. This ice cream bar started selling in 1977 and remains mostly unchanged. This treat is made from 30% real fruit juice and contains pieces of tangerines grown in Japan. Because this treat is mostly fruit, juice and ice, it is an excellent low calorie snack to cool you off in the summer. And this year, they are releasing their newest edition, grapefruit flavor!


#4. Pino


Price : 126 JPY

Calorie : 31 kcal per piece

This ice cream is another long time seller. It started in 1976 and still a popular choice even today. Pino is bite sized vanilla ice cream coated in milk chocolate. Each package contains 6 of these delectable treats. Inside the box, you will find a small plastic toothpick to help you eat without getting chocolate on your hands. There are a number of different seasonal flavors ranging in variety from tiramisu to strawberry.


#5. Coolish


Price : 126 JPY

Calorie : 153 kcal

Coolish is another popular frozen treat in Japan. This ice cream comes in a variety of flavors like vanilla, chocolate, Calpico…etc. This packaging is another great Japanese design. You can eat this in one hand without creating a mess. This frozen treat gets easier to eat as it melts. There is a nozzle on the top that you can slurp out the ice cream from. Keep an eye up for this one if you are looking for an easy to eat ice cream.


#6. Shirokuma


Price : Around 126 JPY

Calorie : 159kcal

This next one originally comes from Kyushu, but can be bought almost anywhere in Japan. It comes in two varieties, in a cup or as a ice cream bar. It is important to note that price is vary depending on which one you buy. This ice cream has a lot of fruits as well as Japanese red beans inside it. You can expect to find pieces of pineapple and pieces of peach inside. There is more variety in the cup version and you can expect to find ones with just strawberry.


#7. Giant Cone

Giant Cone

Price : 128 JPY

Calorie : 256kcal

Another long time seller, Giant Cone, has a shape and design that you might be familiar with. It is as the name suggests cone shaped. On the bottom is a waffle cone filled with vanilla ice cream, topped with frozen chocolate with nuts. There are also many other flavors including, mint chocolate, cookies and cream, cheese cake, and much more. Just with Giant Cone, I’m sure you can find your favorite.


#8. Papico


Price : 126JPY

Calorie : 87kcal per piece

Another easy to eat ice cream, Papico, is a favorite among Japanese. This frozen treat is similar to coolish in that you drink it rather than eat it. It comes with 2 pieces per package. It can be easily shared with one another person. Standard flavor is chocolate coffee. It doesn’t have a strong coffee taste so even young kids can enjoy this one. However, if you don’t like this flavor, Papico offers many different flavors that will surely suit your taste.


#9. Ice Box

Ice Box

Price : 126 JPY

Calorie : 13kcal

This frozen snack comes in another wonderfully designed package that makes it very convenient to eat. Ice box is another long time seller, first introduced in 1989. It is made from 80% real juice. The bottle contains small ice cubes full of flavor. But don’t worry, these ice cubes are easy to eat and aren’t hard like normal ice cubes. They have many different flavors including grape, orange, apple, peach, pretty much any fruit flavor. This snack is also very low in calories so you can eat it guilt free.


#10. Haagen-Dazs


Price : varies

Calories : varies

We have all heard of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. However, Japanese Haagen-Dazs is a little different than what you might be used to. If you are craving a richer slightly more luxurious ice cream then this is for you. Of course Japan offers most of the standard flavors like vanilla and cookies & cream. Japan also offers many exclusive flavors like matcha, rare cheese cake, pumpkin, and kinako mochi are just a few of these. You can also find different styles like ice cream sandwich or even french crape ice cream.


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