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【Summer 2016 Season】The 10 Most Promising New Anime

【Summer 2016 Season】The 10 Most Promising New Anime

Here are 10 new anime that both children and adults can enjoy watching. Check out the list below and find the one (or two or three or ten!) you like for the coming up summer 2016 season.

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Whether you are a fan of anime or new to the genre this list will surely have something for you. From slapstick comedies to darker dramas and everything in between this list has it all.


1. Love Live! Sunshine!!

Another anime starting this summer, is Love Live. This is an already famous anime in Japan and most of anime fans know this one. The story is based in a girl’s high school by the ocean in Shizuoka, Japan. This story starts when nine girls at this school decide to pursue a big dream, “To be a school idol”, together.


2. Rewrite

This story starts in a city where civilization and nature coexist. Every year, this city hosts a big harvest festival that is akin to a school festival. When this festival comes closer, people in the city start gossiping about strange things. Some even claim to have seen a mysterious extraterrestrial object and it almost sounds occult­ish. Kotaro who lives in this city also hears about it and out of curiosity, he starts investigating this. Then mysterious things start to happen around him. This TV anime series starts in July as well.


3. Berserk

You might have heard about this anime. Berserk is originally a comic book written by Kentaro Miura. It started in 1989 and lasted over 20 years. This story is set in medieval Europe, and the main character Guts is a lone swordsman. He goes through a lot of fights on his journey of revenge. The show creates a magnificent world view through rich storytelling, character development, and a wonderful art style.


4. Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya Drei

This is a story about a girl who can use magic and uses it to try to protect everything that’s important to her. The story starts when Illya and others see an strange figure of a person during a summer break. Their summer break suddenly gets destroyed and Illya ends up in the city where she was born, but in a parallel world. This is not the typical magical girl story, it is a story of a girl fights for the sake of her dream and what is important to her.



Have you ever thought about restarting your life? This anime is a story about a guy, Arata who gets to relive his own life by going back to a high school. He used to work in a company but failed at that job. He wasn’t able to find another job, and was on the verge of giving up. Then another man, Ryo, appears in front of Arata offering to restart his life. After taking the pill, Arata will have a much younger appearance and will start high school life again. He will have one year to try and change something in his life.


6. Shokugeki no Soma Season 2

This another anime slated to start this July. The main character, Soma is a student helping his family’s restaurant, “Yukihira”. His father suggests Soma to transfer schools from a normal high school to a famous hyper elite cooking school in Japan. Going through hard training, Soma and his new acquaintances will grow up and gain new skills. This is all leading up to a competition…but who will come out the winner?


7. Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

One day our world is invaded by a parallel universe. After this war, humans started to live on giant floats on the ocean. One day Kizuna, our protagonist, was called by her sister to come to Japan’s float. There is an academy where people can learn how to protect themselves from and fight against the invaders. Kizuna has a special ability called “Heart Hybrid” and to fill its energy, he has to do something indecent or lewd to the girls who go to this academy. To protect future of the human race, he’s gotta harass them!


8. Kono Bijyutsubu niwa Mondai ga Aru!

This anime title literally translates to “This art club has a problem!” Everyone in this club has different issues and their busy yet exciting days are about to start. This anime is a slapstick comedy where members of this club causes problems on a daily basis and will surely entertain you this summer.


9. Amanchu!

This anime is perfect for summer because this story is all about diving. A female main character, Futaba, is a coward and just transferred schools. She then meets Hikari, a very positive girl. Hikari is into scuba diving and asks Futaba to try with her. Futaba accepts the invitation and starts diving. As Futaba starts diving, she notices how small of a creature she is and really gets into diving. Through diving, the two will meet new people and Futaba will get over her shyness and cowardness. They build up a strong relationship as close friends spending a lot of precious time together.


10. New Game!

This anime is based in a gaming company. After graduation a high school, Aoba joins the game company, Eagle Jump. In her youth, she played their games and was really into them. In the company, she meets a character designer, Kou. Working under her, she slowly gets better at designing characters. This is a girls comedy and shows the work life of girls at this game company.

There are a lot of animes and it is hard to choose which one to watch. Here are just a couples of anime that starts this summer. You can find your favorite one and enjoy with your friends or family. Be sure to check them all out!

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