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Hold on Tight! 5 Scariest Roller Coaster Rides at Fuji-Q Highland

The Fuji-Q Highland is one of Japan’s most popular amusement park near the base of Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi prefecture. This amusement park has numerous Guinness-level roller coasters, well-known for thrill rides.

#1. Takabisha

Photo Credit: fujiq.jp

Takabisha was opened in 2011, this thrill roller coaster will non-stop heart-pounding that takes you straight up toward the sky and steepest roller coaster before the highlight finishing off with a max dropping at an angle of 121 degrees, 1004m of track. Takabisha has speed, length and steep, this is one of the most intense experiences you.


#2. Eejanaika

Photo Credit: fujiq.jp

Eejanaika was opened in 2006, you can experience 3 different spins “spinning of your seat forward and backward” because the seats rotate 360 degrees, “loops and flip-flops through the air” and “spinning with twists and 14 inverted spins” from high 76 meters and 126 kim/h speed. You will lose sense of direction after ride it.


#3. Fujiyama

Photo Credit: fujiq.jp

Fujiyama was opened in 1996, this roller coaster was once the world’s tallest. You will impresses the appearance of symbolic of Fuji-Q Highland. The maximum speed of 130km/h, the maximum drop of 70 meters and the high of 79 meters, total length 2,045 meters. Fujiyama means “King of mountains” in Japanese, you can’t miss this roller coaster when you visit Fuji-Q Highland!


#4. Dodonpa

Photo Credit: fujiq.jp

Dodonpa was opened in 2001, this roller coaster was once the world’s fastest. Maximum speed of 172km/h in a 1.8 seconds with 2.7 G’s of force experience, it’s so fast! You can’t even breathe. Please try this speed of Dodonpa.

#5. Tondemina

Photo Credit: fujiq.jp

Tondemina will swing you back and forth, bring you up to the sky and drop you from 59 meters high with rotating. You can see Mt. Fuji and great view. Please try it if you like high ride.

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Fuji-Q Highland

Address: 5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi prefecture

Opening Hours: 8:30am ~ 8:00pm
*Depend on seasons

Entrance Ticket (For admission only):
1,500 yen (over 18)
1,500 yen (12 ~ 18)
900 yen (3 ~ 11)

1 day free pass ticket (Tickets + Free pass):
5,700 yen (over 18)
5,200 yen (12 ~ 18)
4,300 yen (3 ~ 11)

2 day free pass ticket (Tickets + Free 2 days pass):
9,300 yen (over 18)
8,400 yen (12 ~ 18)
7,200 yen (3 ~ 11)

Website:Fuji-Q Highland


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