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Mizusawa Udon

10 Unique Local Udon in Japan You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Japan has various kinds of udon in every region of Japan, and each region has each specific taste! It is very worthy to visit there even only for the following udon, which you cannot try usually. This article introduces you top 10 amazing udon in Japan!

#1. Gosetsu Udon – Hokkaido

Gosetsu Udon
Photo Credit: konnanodo.com

Kucchan city of Hokkaido, where is famous for heavy snow area, is one of the largest potato-producing district. This Gosetsu Udon (heavy snow udon) is made from starch of these potatoes, therefore popular for local people. You don’t taste like potato, but texture is different from normal udon which is made from flour.


#2. Inaniwa Udon -Akita

Inaniwa Udon -Akita
Photo Credit:  akitacity.info

Inaniwa Udon, dried Udon noodles in Yuzawa city of Akita Prefecture, is made by the hand-stretching method and one of the three most popular udon in Japan. Hand-stretch method makes its udon go down your throat well, and also gives udon strong texture, which is called “koshi(コシ).”


#3. Morioka Jajamen – Iwate

Morioka Jajamen - Iwate
Photo Credit:  jz-tamago.co.jp

On the thin and wide noodle, there are miso mixed minced meat, cucumber and long onion. Optionally some people add chili oil and garlic and stir all of them well. Try to find your most favorite taste by choosing from a lot of seasoning choices and adding it! The other attracted point is egg soup after eating noodle, which is called “Chitantan(ちーたんたん).” The most popular way is adding an egg on the table, and ask staff to add boiled soup and Jaja miso, which contribute to special flavor.


#4. Amattare Udon – Miyagi

Amattare Udon - Miyagi
Photo Credit: udon.mu

Amattare udon is new specialty of Zaomachi, which was invented 5 years ago. This udon is actually instant type noodle, so you can enjoy this udon at home and don’t need to go to the restaurant. Recommended eating way is add row egg and cut blue onion, and would be natto if you like it!


#5. Mimi Udon – Tochigi

Mimi Udon - Tochigi
Photo Credit: udon.mu

Mimi udon is traditional dish in Semba-machi, Sano City of Tochigi Prefecture, which shape looks ear, that’s why this noodle is called Mimi (ear in Japanese) udon. This mimi means evil’s ear, which mean by eating this udon, evils cannot eavesdrop what people talk at their home, therefore in old days, people believed that eating this noodle protects themselves from evils. Texture is sticky such as rice cake, you may don’t feel like this is not udon.


#6. Naritomi Udon – Chiba

Naritomi udon is local menu which was invented by people in Narita who were eager to create something new. This udon uses thin noodle like pasta, which is make from flour in Chiba, and arranged in the various way. Are you good at using chopsticks? People who don’t usually use it have difficulty in eating Japanese food, then they create this Naritomi udon so that everyone including those people can enjoy this udon.


#7. Himokawa Udon – Gumma

Himokawa Udon
Photo Credit: hanayamaudon.co.jp

The name of this udon “Himokawa” comes from “Imokawa”, which is the root of “Kishimen”, thin and flat udon noodle. You would be surprised at width of noodle, from 1.5cm to 10cm. However this noodle is thin, so no worry about eating it!


#8. Mizusawa Udon – Gunma

Mizusawa UdonPhoto Credit: visitgunma.jp

Mizusawa udon noodle is a bit thick and has strong texture, and pure white color like transparence. You can enjoy visual aspect of this pure white color noodle, and in addition, 4 kinds of soup and topping, which make total atmosphere.


#9. Hiyashiru Udon – Saitama

The Hiyashiru (cold soup) of this udon is interesting, which is sesame and miso based and added shiso (Japanese basil), cucumber and myoga (Japanese ginger). As you can see, many sorts of seasonings are used for this Hiyashiru udon, then it is loved by local people there. You should try this udon if you like Japanese taste!


#10. Yoshida Udon – Yamanashi

Yoshida Udon - Yamanashi
Photo Credit: ooike-hotel.co.jp

The feature of Yoshida udon is harder noodle and strong texture with concentrated soup. If you prefer concentrated taste instead of plain taste, which is almost all udon taste, you should not miss udon. Plus, if you usually feel hungry even after udon, Yoshida udon is good for you because it also has meat and eggs, which might you make full and satisfied.


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