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Taste Local! Top 10 Ekiben Ranking All Over Japan

One of the things we look forward to while traveling is Ekiben (railway boxed meals). There is a variety of Ekiben all over Japan as you may know. Let's enjoy Ekiben at the station you stop.

One of the things we look forward to while traveling is Ekiben (railway boxed meals). There is a variety of Ekiben all over Japan as you may know. Of course it is the best idea to visit the place and have local foods with local people, but we bet it is difficult to visit all places. Here we would like to introduce the top 10 Ekiben Ranking to you!


#10. Bushi no Aji Zushi

Photo Credit: maizushi.jp

Price: JPY 1,100 

Station: Shuzenji Station (Shizuoka)

What is amazing about this ekiben is its freshness. In order to keep the freshness, minimum vinegar is used and only small quantity consumed on the day is produced. (Of course, no online order is accepted) Local horse mackerels caught in the sea nearby are slightly vinegared and topped with sliced ginger. Rice, horse mackerels and horseradish are all local products.


#9. Kakinoha Zushi


Price: from JPY 1,145

Station: Yoshinoguchi Station (Wakayama)

The beginning of Kakinoha Zushi is to cover Saba-zushi (rod-shaped sushi topped with mackerel) with persimmon leave, to avoid going bad. The combination of vinegared rice, and mackerels or salmons is superb. It is also matched with sweet vinegar which create mellow taste.


#8. Fukagawa Meshi

Photo Credit: takamorry@flickr

Price: from JPY 850

Station: Tokyo Station (Tokyo)

The representative of simple lunch box is Fukagawa Meshi that you can get at Tokyo station. Gobies stewed in soy sauce and sugar (kanroni) is brilliant as well as short-necked clams and conger eels. Actually, three kinds of Fukagawa Meshi are available at Tokyo station. It would be also fun to compare these three.


#7. Gyutan Bento

Photo Credit: photozou.jp

Price: from JPY 1,350

Station: Sendai Station (Miyagi)

Here let us introduce you limited Gyutan Bento in Sendai Station. Ox tongues are cut in thick pieces and served with many ingredients: barley rice, dried stem lettuce, sweet and sour marinated dish with miso, a thick omelet, red turnip pickles, radish with citron and red pepper with seven kinds of spices.


#6. Anago Meshi


Price: JPY  1,728

Station: Miyajimaguchi Station (Hiroshima)

Rice cooked in soup made from anago (conger eel) is packed in a wooden case, and roasted conger eel is topped neatly. It is Anago Meshi which is served with three kinds of pickles. Twelve kinds of paper is randomly used to cover the box, which can be another fun of collectors.


#5. Ikameshi

Photo Credit: naitokz@flickr

Price: JPY 580

Station: Mori Station (Hokkaido)

You can get this simple, but tasty Ikameshi (squid rice) at Mori station in Hakodate, Hokkaido. However, some department stores also sell Ikameshi by demonstration sales. The combination of food texture of liquid and chewy rice boiled in broth is exquisite.


#4. Daruma Bento

Photo Credit: Nullumayulife@flickr

Price: JPY1,000

Station: Takasaki Station (Gunma)

The ingredients of this Daruma Bento are various, especially it includes many kinds of cooked dishes such as bamboo shoot, mushroom, beans and konjac. Rice is soy sauce flavored. The dishes are hand-made, and well balanced. What’s interesting is the package can be used as a savings box!


#3. Yokohama Fried Rice Bento

Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Price: JPY 600

Station: Takasaki Station (Gunma)

As you may know, Yokohama in Kanagawa prefecture is famous for its Chinese town. Therefore, Yokohama Fried Rice Bento is highly recommended. Apart from fried rice, Shumai which is unchanged since years is also superb. It is served with chicken with chili sauce, a cooked dish of bamboo shoot and pickles of cucumber.


#2. Hipparidako Meshi

Photo Credit: rhosoi@flickr

Price: JPY 1,000

Station: Nishi-Akashi Station (Hyogo)

Octopus, conger eel and seasonal vegetables are neatly arranged in a unique piece of pottery, which is a pleasure for both eyes and sense of taste. Octopus is incredibly tender, and rice is also octopus-flavored. As Akashi City faces the sea, seafood is quite fresh.


#1. Ebi Senryo Chirashi

Price: JPY 1,000

Station: Niigata Station (Niigata)

Finally, here is No.1 Ekiben: Ebi Senryo Chirashi in Niigata. Some TV talents introduce this Ekiben as their favorite. 4 kinds of seafood is hiding under softly hand-made fried eggs, which is exciting and you can enjoy a lot of seafood with 1 box. Tangle flakes between rice and seafood add mild taste to the Bento.


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