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Shikinejima Island

Let’s Go to Shikinejima Island! An Adventurous Island Resort Nearby Tokyo!

Have you ever heard of Shikinejima Island? Shikinejima Island is not famous, but it is an attractive tropical island where you can easily visit from Tokyo.

Shikinejima Island

Shikinejima is an island located 160 kilometers south of Tokyo and it takes 35-minute flight or 3-hour high-speed boat trip from Tokyo. Not so many people even Tokyo citizens knows about Shikinejima Island, although, it is the island administrated by Tokyo prefecture. The island with full of nature attracts tourists.


Marine Sports in Shikinejima Island

Shikinejima Island

There are a lot of activities that you can enjoy the nature of Shikinejima Island. The calm waves and ria shoreline are suitable for various marine sports including sea bathing, snorkeling, diving, fishing and kayak.

Shikinejima Island

Other than above major marine sports, you cannot miss an activity named snuba diving. Snuba is the hybrid of snorkeling and scuba diving. You don’t need any certificate or difficult skill. Swim-fins, diving mask, weights and diving regulator to get air from the tank on the floating device at the surface are the necessary items to enjoy snuba diving. Without carrying heavy compressed air cylinders, you can see beautiful tropical fish under the sea. Only “NINZ Shikinejima” offer the snuba diving including pick-up service.
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NINZ Shikinejima

Address: 47 Shikinejima, Niijima-mura, Tokyo

Access: Pick-up service is available everywhere in Shikinejima Island

Fee: 9,500 yen per person (over 8-year old) for 2-hour tour

Phone: +81-(0)4992-7-0122

Website: NINZ Shikinejima


Observatories in Shikinejima Island

Shikinejima Island

There are 4 observatory platforms in Shikinejima Island. From the observatory platforms, you can view beautiful sea and other islands nearby Shikinejima. The most recommended observatory platform is the Kambiki Observatory Platform. On the day when the weather is clear and the air is clean, you can see Izu Peninsula and Mount Fuji from the platform. You should make up your mind that you need to come up 100 steps to go to the platform. It is worth to climb up the stairs because you can view the magnificent natural scenery that you can be never seen in downtown of Tokyo in exchange for a little fatigue.

Shikinejima Island

The thing you must not forget is a star-filled sky. As there is few building and lights that disturb night view of Shikinejima Island, you can see beautiful starry sky from the observatory platforms, beaches, ports and parks. It is recommended to take flashlight, jacket for protection against cold, and someone else to go with you for safe.
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Kambiki Observatory Platform

Address: Kambiki Observatory Platform, Niijima-mura, Tokyo

Access: About 40-minute walk from Nobushi Port.

Website: Kambiki Observatory Platform (Japanese)


Hot Springs in Shikinejima Island

Shikinejima Island

Shikinejima Island is well known for its hot springs. There are 3 open-air bath where you can use 24-hour. It is said hot springs of Shikinejima Island have effects to alleviate the feeling of cold, neurosis and injury. As well as improving physical condition, superb view of the bay, mountain and starry sky will entertain you in the environment with a wild beauty.

Shikinejima Island

It is strongly recommended to take something to drink and a bottle of water to use as shower after taking a bath. Don’t forget wearing swimsuits if you would like to take open-air bath. Of course, there is an indoor hot spring.
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Ikoi no Ie (indoor hot spring)

Address: 1006 Shikinejima, Niijima-mura, Tokyo

Access: About 20-minute walk from Nobushi Port.

Phone: +81-(0)4992-7-0576

Open Hours: 10:00 AM ~ 9:30 PM
*Closed on Wednesdays

Admission Fee:
200 yen (adults)
100 yen (children)

Website: Ikoi no Ie (Japanese)


Local Cuisine in Shikinejima Island

As you may expect, local dishes of Shikinejima use fresh seafood and unique vegetables. There is only local-dish restaurant named Izakaya Senryo that mainly serve food products of Shikinejima Island such as flying fish, mackerel scad, red pepper, a Japanese plant Ashitaba and Shochu made from potato. You need to make a reservation before going to the restaurant.
[map lat=”34.327410″ lng=”139.215739″][/map]

Izakaya Senryo

Address: 938 Shikinejima, Niijima-mura, Tokyo

Access: About 10-minute walk from Nobushi Port.

Open Hours: 6:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM

Phone: +81-(0)4992-7-0900

Website: Izakaya Senryo (Japanese)


Shikinejima is a nice place to go out for adventure and take your mind off the worries of everyday life. Why don’t you visit there weekends or day-offs to refresh your mind?
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Shikinejima Island

Address: Shikinejima, Niijima-mura, Tokyo

Access: About 35-minute flight or 3-hour high-speed boat trip from Tokyo

Phone: +81-(0)4992-7-0170 (Shikinejima Tourism Association)

Website: Shikinejima Island (Japanese)


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