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Yonago Station - Tottori

What Are The Unique Train Stations in Japan?

Train station hopping can be a fun activity to add to your itinerary. These are 10 unique train stations in Japan that you want to check out!

#1. Kareigawa Station – Kagoshima

Kareigawa Station - Kagoshima

Kareigawa Stataion in Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu is one of the two oldest train stations in the city of Kagoshima. The wooden structured building of the station has been preserved in the original form since its opening in 1903.

In 2006, it was appointed as a registered tangible cultural property and is very popular among railway enthusiasts. The old waiting room replica displayed in the station is an interesting piece of history.

Kareigawa Bento is one of the most popular Railway Station Bentos in Kyushu.  It has ranked number four in 2004 and this item has climbed up to number one until 2009.  Kareigawa Bento can be purchased on Saturdays and Sundays in Kareigawa Train Station.
[map lat=”31.8266662″ lng=”130.7231438″][/map]

Kareigawa Station

Address: 2176-3 Kareigawa, Hayatocho, Kirishima, Kagoshima prefecture


#2. Tanushimaru Station – Fukuoka

Tanushimaru Station - Fukuoka

Tanushimaru in Fukuoka prefecture is the place where the story of Kappa (a Japanese mythical mischievous water sprite) originated. For this reason, Tanushimaru station is housed in the shape of a Kappa, designed by a local high school student.

Tanushimaru Station - Fukuoka

Its construction was finished in 1992. You can learn more about this creature on the second floor of the Station.
[map lat=”33.338825″ lng=”130.6925″][/map]

Tanushimaru Station

Address: 2000 Tanushimaru, Tanushimarucho, Kurume, Fukuoka prefecture


#3. Tosa Kitagawa Station – Kochi

Tosa Kitagawa Station - Kochi
Photo Credit:wikimedia

Tosa-Kitagawa station is located on none other than a bridge! To prevent the passengers waiting for the trains at the platform from falling off the bridge, there are two walls built on both sides of the platform. In addition, underneath the railway tracks are also covered to prevent any accidental falls. It is a unique and interesting place to board a train for sure.
[map lat=”33.714731″ lng=”133.686445″][/map]

Tosa-Kitagawa Station

Address: Kusunoki, Ootoyocho, Nagaoka-gun, Kochi prefecture


#4. Yonago Station – Tottori

Yonago Station - Tottori
Photo Credit: Cheng-en Cheng@flickr.com

Stepping into Yonago Station makes one feel like stepping into the world of “Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro,” the famous Japanese cartoonist, Mizuki Shigeru’s well known piece of work. Yonago Station is on the same JR line as Sakai Minato Station, the hometown of Mizuki. For this reason, Yonago Station is decorated in the theme of “Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro,” a story portraying the lives of many monstrous creatures from the spiritual world.
[map lat=”35.423417″ lng=”133.336672″][/map]

Yonago Station

Address: 2 Yayoi-cho, Yonago City, Tottori prefecture


#5. Izumo Yokota Station – Shimane

Izumo Yokota Station

Izumo Yokota Station gives you an illusion of visiting a Japanese shrine. The structure of this wooden building constructed in 1934 models that of taisha zukuri, an architecture style for Japanese shrines such as Izumotaisha Shrine.
[map lat=”35.177357″ lng=”133.09273″][/map]

Izumo Yokota Station

Address: 1020 Yokota,Okuizumocho, Nita-gun, Shimane prefecture


#6. Kishi Station – Wakayama

Kishi Station - Wakayama
Photo Credit: as365n2@Flickr.com

Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama prefecture is well known for its Station Cat, Tama. Tama, officially appointed as the Super Station Master, became the mascot of Kishi Station and she held this position until her passing in June, 2015.

Photo Credit: as365n2@Flickr.com

When the station was renovated in 2010, it was transformed into the shape of a cat. Along with the cat-shaped features, this station offers Tama-themed cafe, chairs, and cakes. Don’t forget to check out the souvenir store that is stocked with a wide range of stationery items.

Three cat-themed trains: Strawberry Train, Tama Train and Toy Train, operated by the Wakayama Electric Railway are also something not to be missed!
[map lat=”34.209545″ lng=”135.311787″][/map]

Kishi Station

Address: 803 Kishigawacho, Kodo, Kinokawashi, Wakayama prefecture


#7. Fukaya Station – Saitama

Fukaya Station
Photo Credit: yeowatzup@flickr.com

Fukaya Station, also known as the “Mini Tokyo Station,” has the same red brick themed design as Tokyo Station. Fukaya is where Japan’s very first brick factory was built. There used to be a dedicated railway line connecting Fukaya Station and the factory. The red bricks used for Tokyo Station’s building was made in Fukaya. In order to commemorate this, Fukaya Station is designed to resemble Tokyo Station.
[map lat=”36.191419″ lng=”139.281398″][/map]

Fukaya Station

Address: 3-1-8 Nishijimacho, Fukaya, Saitama prefecture


#8. Hoshakuji Station – Tochigi

Hoshakuji Station - Tochigi
Photo Credit:wikimedia

The artistic design of Hoshakuji Station’s infrastructure received the commendations award in the Brunel Awards, an international railway design competition, in 2008. The design of the ceiling covered in diamond shaped frames is outstanding. Combined with lights on the ceiling, this unique design creates a huge impact in the station. It is especially beautiful at night.
[map lat=”36.631527″ lng=”139.979708″][/map]

Hoshakuji Station

Address: 2377 Hoshakuji, Takanezawamachi, Shioya-gun, Tochigi prefecture


#9. Doai Station – Gunma

Doai Station - Gunma
Photo Credit: Cheng-en Cheng@flickr.com

Doai Station in Gunma Prefecture is one-of-a-kind station chosen as one of the 100 Train Stations in Japan. One of the platforms at Doai Station is located in Shin Kiyomizu tunnel. It takes about 10 minutes walk down the stair to reach the underground platform. In order to reach the ground level at this station, one has to climb up a set of stairs that has 462 steps (338m), followed by a 143-meter corridor, then an additional 24 steps. For this reason, Doai Station is also known as Japan’s Best “Mole” Station.
[map lat=”36.830726″ lng=”138.968037″][/map]

Doai Station

Address: 218-2 Yubiso, Minakami Cho, Tone, Gunma prefecture


#10. Iwaki Hanawa Station – Fukushima

Iwaki Hanawa Station - Fukushima
Photo Credit:wikipedia

Iwaki Hanawa Station is another Japanese train station that received one of the Brunel Awards. The station’s unique cone-shaped roofs, inspired by the image of trees of the nearby forests, received the Good Design Award in 1995. What’s unique about Iwaki Hanawa Station, however, is not only its roof design. Inside the station, there is a library and different types of galleries to entertain the users of the station. Enjoy some readings or art pieces while waiting for a next train!
[map lat=”36.958696″ lng=”140.412046″][/map]

Iwaki Hanawa Station

Address: 1 Miyata, Hanawacho, Higashi Shirakawa-gun, Fukushima prefecture


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