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Art Aquarium Tokyo 2016

Art Aquarium Tokyo 2016 – A Event of New Japanese Artworks

Don't miss one of the most popular summer events in Tokyo. Art Aquarium Tokyo 2016 has something for everyone to enjoy and won't soon be forgotten.

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I’m sure you have been to an aquarium and I’m sure you have been to an art museum, but I don’t think you’ve ever been to a place that combines the two. Fusing these two things creates one of the hottest summer events, the art aquarium. This year marks its 10th year running and is sure to provide memorable pieces and a great atmosphere. Not only occurring in Tokyo, but also in Osaka and Kanazawa this event is well known and is something worth seeing!

Art Aquarium Tokyo 2016
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The theme of this year’s art aquarium in Nihonbashi is Edo and goldfish. Nihonbashi was a famous part of the city going all the way back to Edo Japan. It was famous as an entertainment street featuring escorts and the like. Merging Edo with modernity, this year’s theme brings about magnificent installations and pieces from a variety of artists. The atmosphere and floor area is designed with red plaits and takes you to an extraordinary world. With over 8,000 live goldfish you will be able to witness magnificent art pieces at different scales.

Art Aquarium Tokyo 2016
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The highlight of this year’s art aquarium is its super oiran (超・花魁). Made up of 15 individual goldfish bowls it stands at a height of 3.5m and Stretches to 5.6m at its widest. The structure itself is an large fish bowl in the center surrounded by 14 slightly smaller bowls. The volume of just he center now is three times as much as the next largest in the goldfish bowl. The center bowl will feature 3000 gold fish!

Art Aquarium Tokyo 2016
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This isn’t just a family venue either. In fact most of the fun takes place after 7pm when the art aquarium shifts into the night aquarium. The night aquarium serves alcohol and features DJs and other artists. Thursday’s will feature Dassai, one of the most famous sake in Japan.The lighting is meticulously planned out to create the best atmosphere and of course projection mapping will be in full effect. Different lightings create different views of pieces and is truly an awe inspiring spectacle!

Art Aquarium Tokyo 2016
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This annual summer event is something Japanese people really loom forward to. It has a little bit of everything, a fun family space while also catering to young adults and those looking for something a little different. These art pieces can truly be appreciated by anyone!

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Art Aquarium Tokyo 2016

Venue: Nihonbashi Mitsui HallAddress: COREDO Muromachi 1 (5th floor), 2-2-1 Muromachi, Chuo, Tokyo

Access: Directly connected to A6 Exit of Mitsukoshi-Mae Station (Ginza Line / Hanzomon Line)

Hours: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM (art aquarium) / 7:00 PM – 11:30 PM (night aquarium)

1000 JPY (adults)
600 JPY (children)
free (3 years and under)

Phone: 03-3270-2590

Website: Art Aquarium


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