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Hammock Cafe "Mahika Mano" in Tokyo

Spend A Lazy Afternoon at a Hammock Cafe “Mahika Mano” in Tokyo

Japan is know for its unique cafes, but this one may sit in a category all its own! This hammock cafe "Mahika Mano" will surely take your worries away with not only their accommodations, but with their delicious menu items.

Hammock Cafe
Photo Credit:mahika mano 吉祥寺

So by now you have probably become familiar with the different types of cafes in Japan. You have the maid cafes, the robot cafes, the character themed cafes as well as cat cafes and owl cafes, but this next one takes relaxing to a different level. The Hammock cafe is probably the laziest and most relaxing way to enjoy an afternoon drink. Mahika Mano cafe located in Kichijoji is one of the first hammock cafes to open.

Hammock Cafe
Photo Credit:mahika mano 吉祥寺

Although the outside may be unassuming, featuring only a single hammock, when you catch a glimpse of the interior it may take you a few moments to adjust. Where normal tables and chairs would be, you instead have hammocks hanging from hooks in the ceiling. Unfortunately no photos are allowed inside, but you can take as many snap shots of the exterior as you would like.

Hammock Cafe
Photo Credit:mahika mano 吉祥寺

Menu items range from standard cafe offerings to full on meals. They have their own brand of signature coffee and are proud of the dishes they serve. Another selling point is the overall cost of dishes. Meals actually range from JPY 900 – 2,000, but if you stop by for their lunch service you can expect to be full for around JPY 1,100. If you’d like you can even order beers, spirits, cocktails and wines. Their dessert offerings are also just as extensive as everything else. Your biggest problem here is going to be deciding on what you want to eat and drink. The space is part cafe/restaurant and part hammock showroom. Many of the hammocks are actually for sale.

Hammock Cafe
Photo Credit:mahika mano 吉祥寺

The atmosphere is warm and inviting. When you get inside, you are expected to remove your shoes and then you are guided to your personal hammock. The soothing background music mixed with the warm colors creates a space that whisks time away. It’s easy to lose yourself in a book or maybe just doze off, although that maybe frowned upon. This place does get crowded so plan to wait because they don’t accept reservations. I found ever find yourself in the area and have a few hours to kill I highly recommend checking this unique cafe out. It will certainly relieve you of any stress you may have!
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Mahika Mano Hammock Cafe

Address: 2-8-1 Minami-cho, Musashino, Kichijoji, Tokyo

Access: 5 min walk from Kichijoji Station

12:00 PM – 10:00 PM (Mon. – Sat.)
12:00 PM – 8:00 PM (Sun.)

Phone: 0422-42-5930

Website: Mahika Mano


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