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Top 10 Highly Recommended Chocolates in Japan

There are many types of chocolate snack in Japan. New chocolates are being released to accommodate changing tastes. Matcha, white, and dark chocolate are being coming more popular.

#1. Pocky

Photo Credit:chia ying Yang@flickr

Pocky is a kind of chocolate covered pretzel produced by Glico. It is a sweet-smelling stick type of pretzel that is covered with a thin layer of chocolate. There are different types of Pocky depending on the season, such as crush almond chocolate, strawberry chocolate and white chocolate. You may have seen a red package which is the trade mark of this treat, and it can be found in China and Korea also since it is popular worldwide.


#2. Takenoko no Sato/Kinoko no Yama

Takenoko no Sato/Kinoko no Yama
Photo Credit:ZoAmichi Kai@flickr

On the other hand, Kinoko no Yama is a crisp biscuit type cookie covered with 2 kinds of chocolates which are different from the ones used in Takenoko no Sato. The biscuit itself is not really sweet, therefore there is a more simple than Takenoko no Sato.


#3. Apollo

Photo Credit:TheFoodJunk@flickr

Apollo is a cone-shaped chocolate candy which has notches around it. The lower part is milk chocolate and the upper part is strawberry chocolate. The shape is modeled after the command module of Apollo 11. Some Apollo series are produced in particular districts, which has apple chocolate or Adzuki bean chocolate instead of strawberry chocolate.


#4. Black Thunder

Black Thunder
Photo Credit:yosshi@flickr

Black Thunder is a candy made of cocoa-flavored crunch covered with chocolate. It is easily recognizable because of the black and gold package, and the catch phrase “A big hit for women!” and “Deliciousness is like a thunder!”, which has a big impact. It also has some variations like White Thunder sold in Hokkaido only which became a popular souvenir in that region.


#5. Tirol Chocolate

Tirol Chocolate
Photo Credit:kimubert@flickr

Tirol Chocolate is a long-seller of chocolate treats in Japan, which has a square shape and is basically sold at 10 yen. It’s been on the market since 1979 and has a lot of flavors such as soybean flour with rice cake, green tea with rice cake, chocolate with biscuit and white chocolate with cookies etc. Some of them are seasonal items. Although some of them are sold at 20 yen or 30 yen depending on ingredients and size, it is popular among children thanks to the reasonable prices and variations.


#6. Choco Ball

Choco Ball
Photo Credit:西表カイネコ

Choco Ball is literally a ball-shaped chocolate with peanuts, caramel or other various chocolates inside. The two main sellers are the peanut and caramel, but the food texture of them are totally different and fans are separated into two groups. You should try both and judge which one is your favorite. This chocolate is interesting because it has a lottery ticket inside!


#7. Dars

Photo Credit:kagawa_ymg@flickr

Dars literally means dozen, therefore Dars chocolate has 12 pieces inside. Basically there are 3 kinds of Dars, milk chocolate taste, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. Milk chocolate taste is the standard, white chocolate is sweeter, and dark chocolate is the most bitter. It is especially popular among adults since it has high-grade taste and the sweetness is milder than other chocolates.


#8. Alfort

Photo Credit:mry311

Alfort is a bite sized treat made up of a combination of biscuit cookie made of whole wheat flour and rich chocolate. It became popular because there are many different flavors to choose from, like rich milk chocolate, bitter dark chocolate, green tea, and white chocolate etc. Alfort is popular for those who are health-conscious since the cookie is made with whole wheat flour.


#9. Toppo

Photo Credit:Mike Mozart@flickr

Toppo is a stick type chocolate treat. Opposite to traditional chocolate treats, the chocolate is inside of the pretzel. There are flavors like bitter dark chocolate, rare cheesecake, brown syrup, soybean flour, and matcha (green tea). Some are basic and some are very rich in flavor. Toppo is quite filling compared to other chocolates.


#10. Pie no Mi

Pie no Mi

The last one is Pie no Mi by Lotte. There are components to this treat: the first component is the 64 layers of pie dough used to make it crisp. The second component is the sugar put on the pie dough just before baking. The third component is the rich chocolate used for the pie. Additionally, there have been many recipes trying to replicate Pie no Mi.


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