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10 Yen Sushi Restaurant

Only 10 Yen! Sushi Restaurant Without a Name in Yoyogi

Japan's number one fast food is definitely sushi. This restaurant without a name serves one sushi for 10 yen. Sushi does not have to be expensive to be good. Go for a mini adventure in Tokyo.

Welcome to the 10 yen sushi restaurant located a minute away from Yoyogi Station. This restaurant has literally no name and serves yellowtail and flounder, one sushi for 10 yen! Unlike the price may convey, the taste is good and even considered better than a regular conveyer-belt sushi.

10 Yen Sushi Restaurant

The entrance is quite hidden and it might be difficult to determine where the sushi place is. There are only two chairs and customers are usually standing up and eating. The menu is written in Japanese but all of the regular fish are available and for the ones for 10 yen, it is usually yellowtail and flounder pronounced “buri (ブリ)” and “engawa (えんがわ)” respectively. It can be a little intimidating to enter the shop as a foreigner but it is worth the experience.

10 Yen Sushi Restaurant

But… is it really possible to eat one sushi for 10 yen just like that? Well, there is one condition to be able to eat them for 10 yen each. Customers have to buy a drink with their meal to benefit from this amazing deal.

10 Yen Sushi Restaurant

10 Yen Sushi Restaurant

The only staff in the restaurant is the nice manager who will be making fresh and hand-made sushi in front of the customers.

10 Yen Sushi Restaurant

This is what is called “buri” or yellowtail. Note that, while other sushi are also at a reasonable price, not all of the sushi on the menu are for 10 yen each.

10 Yen Sushi Restaurant

The picture above is “engawa”, which means the edge of the flounder.

10 Yen Sushi Restaurant

Since the shop is very small and only around 10 people can fit, it is not recommended to come as a large group.
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No Name Sushi

Address: 1-35-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya ward, Tokyo 

Access: 1 minute walk from Yoyogi Station

Hours: 5:00 PM – 3:00 AM

Tabelog: No Name Sushi


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