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Evangerion Shinkansen

The Evangelion Shinkansen Treats Fans to More Than Just a Train Ride

Series 500 or Evangelion Shinkansen is a limited time themed bullet train for fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion. There are many photo opportunities, a themed cafe, and goods for sale for a limited time.

Evangerion Shinkansen
Photo Credit:Kei Kiryu@flickr

The Series 500 or Evangelion Shinkansen project started last year in November and it is filled with real and intuitive appeal such as it being a “dream super-express.” Here is a list of some enjoyable points for those who love Neon Genesis Evangelion or are planning to ride on Evangelion Shinkansen. The train goes between Hakata Station and Shin-Osaka Station.


Interior Decorations

Car No.1

Evangerion Shinkansen

In car No. 1, you can enjoy several attractions such as Shinkansen X Evangelion exhibit panels, there is a cardboard cut-out of Kaoru Nagisa that people can take pictures with, a Diorama, and full-size cockpit riding experience which is a hands-on attraction.

Evangerion Shinkansen
Photo Credit:wikimedia

The full-size cockpit riding experience is a must-try attraction. Passengers who want to experience the thrill will need to enter an online lottery one month to three days before their departure date. Travelers with their heart set on sitting in the pilot’s seat can book tickets as part of special tour itineraries, offered by travel agents.


Car No.2

Evangerion Shinkansen

In car No. 2, the interior is decorated with the “EVA design” and fans get an special feeling while riding on this train. Seats in Car No. 2 are ordinary non-reserved seats. Passengers should listen for train announcements because they are performed by Akira Ishida who performs Kaoru’s voice, from October 17th.


Enjoy Original Goods

There are original goods being sold for this project and some of them are available in only special locations such as travel agencies. For plan A, travelers can enjoy a full-size cockpit riding experience and get an original bath towel. For plan B, travelers can get N scale of Series 500, but they cannot enjoy full-size cockpit riding experience. Dassai is a famous local sake that appeared in the movie is available for purchase on the train. In Shin-Kobe and Nishi-Akashi Station, an original lunch box is available. However, only 50 per day are available for sale and once they are all sold out, there will be no more produced.


500 Type Eva Shop

There is a limited-time shop in Hakata Station, called, “500 Type Eva Shop”. At this shop, many original goods such as pass cases, key holders and clear file folders are available. These goods are also available in several shops in West Japan such as kiosk, Seven Eleven, Daily in, and Antremarche.
[map lat=”33.590241″ lng=”130.421222″] [/map]

500 Type EVA Shop

Service Period: November 7, 2015 to March, 2018

Location: 2nd floor in Hakata Station

Hours: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Website: 500 Type Eva Shop (Japanese)


500 Type Eva Cafe

There is a limited-time cafe in Hakata Station, called “500 Type Eva Cafe”. At this cafe, there are original menu items such as coffee, cookies, sweets, and pastas are available. The menu was recreated this April, so those who have already visited the shop show visit again to order something from the new menu.
[map lat=”33.590241″ lng=”130.421222″] [/map]

500 Type Eva Cafe

Service Period: November 7, 2015 to March, 2018

Location: Cafe Estacion in Hakata station

Hours: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Website: 500 Type Eva Cafe (Japanese)


Evangerion Shinkansen
Photo Credit:Kei Kiryu@flickr

Evangelion Shinkansen

Service Period: November 7, 2015 to spring, 2018
*Confirm service dates, train types are subject to change without prior notice due to operating conditions and other causes.

Service Hours:
[Kodama No.730] Depart Hakata at 6:36 AM → Arrive Shin-Osaka at 11:14 AM
[Kodama No.741] Depart Shin-Osaka at 11:32 AM → Arrive Hakata at 4:07 PM

Reservation: Online or help from a travel agent

Website: Evangelion Shinkansen


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