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12 Must Buy Drugstore Shampoos in Japan

In Japan, there are some any different kinds of shampoo at the drugstore. Many products are made in Japan and many are cutting out sulfates and silicone. Find a shampoo to match your hair care needs.


#1. Tsubaki

Drugstore Shampoo

Company: Shiseido
Price: 831 yen

Tsubaki from Shiseido is a very popular shampoo and conditioner in Japan. “Tsubaki” mean Camellia Flower in Japanese, the oil from this flower is very potent. This oil has been used for many years in Japan, even Geishas and maikos used the oil. The oil extracted from the seeds is very high in fatty acids that are needed to protect the hair from damage. This shampoo is for those with damaged hair.

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#2. Je L’aime

Drugstore Shampoo

Company: Kose 
Price: 972 yen 

All of the shampoos from this line are sulfate free, silicone free, have mild acidity, no artificial coloring, are alcohol-free, and mineral-oil free. It is made with nutrient rich fruits and flowers, the nutrients help to restore the scalp. This line of shampoo is very fragrant even after washing and drying the hair.


#3. Ichi Kami

Drugstore Shampoo

Company: Kracie 
Price: 803 yen

Ichi Kami is a shampoo to help with future damage. The main ingredients are brown rice extract, cherry blossom extract, Camellia oil, blackberry extracts, and olive oil. There is no sulfates and silicone in this shampoo line. It helps remove tangles and gives the hair a silky finish.


#4. Essential

Drugstore Shampoo

Company: Kao
Price: 696 yen

There are different options for different types of hair. Orange is for weak and damaged hair. Pink is for rough and dull hair. Yellow is for limp and flat hair. Blue is for dry ends and an oily scalp. The main ingredients are honey, royal jelly extract, and hydrolyzed conchiolin protein to penetrate damaged hair.


#5. Asience

Drugstore Shampoo

Company: Kao
Price: 699 yen

Asience attempts to improve the scalp and split ends. The main ingredients are licorice, Camellia oil, Korean ginseng, pearl extract, and shell ginger leaf.


#6. Lux

Drugstore Shampoo

Company: Unilever
Price: 718 yen

Lux has been around for many years in Japan. It is a well-known brand. This claims to moisturize hair and repair damage.



#1. Botanist

Drugstore Shampoo

Company: I-ne
Price: 1,512 yen

This shampoo is made with 90% natural ingredients such as licorice, avocado, macadamia nuts, sugar cane, coconut, soy beans, palm, and corn. The scent is a mixture of apricot, berry, jasmine, apple. It provides moisture and shine to the hair.


#2. Diane

Drugstore Shampoo

Company: Storia
Price: 905 yen

This is a silicone free shampoo that claims to leave hair soft and manageable. The main ingredients are argan oil, baobaba oil, cupucacu butter, mango seed oil, marula oil, andiroba oil, virgin prune oil, and lupin oil. This are comparable to shampoos used in the salons.


#3. Reveur

Drugstore Shampoo

Company: Japan Gateway
Price: 972 yen

This is a silicone free shampoo and it is very fragrant. The key ingredients are astrocaryum murumuru butter for moisture, havas oil to replenish natural shine, and Jojoba seeds essence to prevent an itchy scalp.


#4. Ahalo Butter

Drugstore Shampoo

Company: Stella Steed
Price: 1,512 yen

This is a silicone free shampoo meant to provide moisture for the hair. The key ingredients are kojun butter and raw collagen. Your hair will feel refreshed after using this shampoo. The scent continues on for a while even after the hair is dry.


#5. Lux Luminique

Drugstore Shampoo

Company: Unilever
Price: 993 yen

This silicone free shampoo has ingredients to help relieve stress. This is meant to help with dryness and split ends. This shampoo is supposed to replenish moisture in the hair. If paired with the oil, damage on the hair is reduced even more.


#6. Himawari

Drugstore Shampoo

Company: Kracie
Price: 972 yen

This is a shampoo with oil already in the formula. This shampoo is supposed to help with tangled and dry hair. This is a very fragrant shampoo. This product is easy to spot because there is a sunflower on the bottle, “himawari” means sunflower in Japanese.




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