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6 Recommended Onsen Resorts in Hokkaido

6 Recommended Onsen Resorts in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is known for the onsen resorts. Onsen are natural hot springs that can be indoor or outdoor. Take a weekend getaway to an onsen resort and relieve your stress.

Hokkaido has the most onsen resorts in Japan. An onsen is a Japanese hot spring and bathing facility. Since Japan is a country with active volcanoes, there are thousands of onsens. Onsens were originally used as a public bath and today they play a large role in Japanese domestic and international tourism. There are outdoor and indoor onsens, they can be publicly run by a municipality or privately as a hotel, ryokan, or a bed and breakfast. Many onsen resorts are in the countryside, but there can be resorts in major cities. Onsen resorts are major tourist attractions, Japanese locals and international visitors go to onsen resorts to escape from hectic life even if it’s just for a short time.


#1. Noboribetsu Onsen – Noboribetsu

Noboribetsu Onsen

Noboribetsu Onsen has a long history before it became an onsen resort. Many tourists come to see a scenic spot in the town, “jigoku dani” or hell valley, it is a place to see bare rocks and smoke coming from the volcano.


It is also known as a viewing spot to see beautiful autumn leaves. Although, Noboribetsu is not a big town, but many hotels were built in the area to attract tourists. In addition, there is an interesting spot named “Noboribetsu Date Jidai Mura” near the Noboribetsu onsen area. At the spot, visitors can wear a oiran kimono, a samurai outfit, or a ninja outfit. Then watch an ninja and oiran dance, and play with traditional Japanese toys.
[map lat=”42.49366″ lng=”141.143452″][/map]

Noboribetsu Onsen

Address: Noboribetsu Onsen, Noboribetsu, Hokkaido

Access: 10 minute bus ride from Noboribetsu Station

Phone: 0143-84-3311 (Noboribetsu Tourist Information Center)

Website: Noboribetsu Onsen


#2. Toyako Onsen – Lake Toyako


Toyako Onsen became recognized by the world since the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit that was held July 2008. Since Toyako Onsen is one the biggest onsen resort areas, there are many hotels and ryokans around Lake Toya.

Photo Credit: Vina@flickr.com

The view of the lake and mountains from the onsen resort is one of the top three landscapes in Hokkaido. There are boats for recreational use, so you can see the lake from different angles. In the summer, fireworks are set off from near the lake, and the reflection off the water is beautiful. You will never get bored of the beautiful scenery, it is beautiful in both day and night.
[map lat=”42.563886″ lng=”140.815017″][/map]

Toyako Onsen

Address: 142 Toyako Onsen, Toyako-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

Access: 20 minute bus ride from Toya Station

Phone: 0142-75-2446

Website: Toyako Onsen


#3. Jozankei Onsen – Sapporo

Photo Credit: jnize.com

Jozankei Onsen is located to the south of Sapporo. Jozankei Onsen is considered the representative onsen of Hokkaido, it is connected to the valley and river of Toyohira River. It is possible to do a one day trip to Jozankei Onsen because it is only an one hour drive away from the center of Sapporo.

Jozankei Onsen - Sapporo
Photo Credit: Booking.com

Many Sapporo residents and tourists come to Jozankei Onsen for a weekend get-away. Transportation from Sapporo to Jozankei is very easy because there is a shuttle bus from Sapporo Station to the onsen resort.
[map lat=”42.968792″ lng=”141.166897″][/map]

Jozankei Onsen

Address: 2 Jozankei Onsen, Minami Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Access: 1 hour away by shuttle bus from Sapporo Station

Phone: 011-598-2012

Website: Jozankei Onsen


#4. Yunokawa Onsen – Hakodate

Yunokawa Onsen - Hakodate
Photo Credit: Booking.com

Yunokawa Onsen is one of the most famous onsen resorts in Hokkaido. Since 1652, the onsen has been recognized to have healing powers because the water is such high quality. Hakodate is a world famous sightseeing city, there are a lot of sightseeing spots to go around to. You can’t forget the delicious food such as fresh seafood and agricultural products.

Yunokawa Onsen - Hakodate
Photo Credit: Booking.com

Relax while taking open-air bath and viewing the city lights, it will become a great memory.
[map lat=”41.779976″ lng=”140.78508″][/map]

Yunokawa Onsen

Address: Yunokawa, Hakodate, Hokkaido

Access: 5 minutes by car from Hakodate Airport, then 30 minute streetcar ride from Hakodate Station

Phone: 0138-57-8988

Website: Yunokawa Onsen


#5. Sounkyo Onsen – Kamikawa


Sounkyo Onsen is located at the bottom of the Sounkyo Valley and there are 15 hotels, ryokan and inns. The place used to be a base for climbers hiking up Taisetsuzan Mountain.

 Sounkyo Onsen - Kamikawa
Photo Credit: Booking.com

The onsen and the spectacular nature within the mountains will get rid of your stress and make you feel relaxed.
[map lat=”43.725677″ lng=”142.952176″][/map]

Sounkyo Onsen

Address: Sounkyo Onsen, Sounkyo, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido

Access: 30 minute bus ride from Kamikawa Station

Phone: 01658-2-1811

Website: Sounkyo Onsen


#6. Niseko Onsen – Niseko

Niseko Annupuri Ski Resort

Niseko a great place for skiers and snowboarders because of the high quality snow. There are many onsen resorts for skiers and snowboarders, it warms and relieves their bodies after being in the cold snow all day.

Niseko Onsen - Niseko
Photo Credit: Booking.com

Enjoy a hot bath while viewing the beautiful scenery including the flowers in spring, the greenery in the summer, autumn leaves in fall, and snow in winter. Since a lot of international tourists come to this onsen resort, there is English speaking staff members are available at most of the hotels.
[map lat=”42.841159″ lng=”140.622925″][/map]

Niseko Resort

Address: 85 Aza Hondori, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

Access: About 90-minute train ride from JR Otaru Station

Phone: 0136-43-2051

Website: Niseko Onsen


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