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Top 10 Popular Souvenirs to Buy in Hakone

Many locals and visitors travel to Hakone in the Kanagawa prefecture. Some of the best souvenirs are local foods from the area. Seasonal and local ingredients make the items more special.

#1. Baumkuchen – Hakone Wagashi, Nanohana

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At Nanohana, there are types of baumkuchen, soft and had. Baumkuchen is types of cake from Germany. It’s a traditional pastry from European and it is popular in Japan. It is easily recognizable because when sliced, it resembles tree rings and that’s how the cake got its name. In German, baumkuchen translates to “tree cake”. The soft baumkuchen is midly sweet and made with local oranges. The hard baumkuchen has a crisp surface and its soft inside, it is made with brown sugar.


#2. Brownie – Hakone Sagamiya

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The brownie is a well-known American chocolate dessert, it can be richer and more dense than cake. “Yama no Brownie” is a little different from your usual brownie. It is made with a small amount of flour and the eggs are not whipped so it is a very dense brownie. It can look dry, but when eaten it is very moist.


#3. Manju – Kikukawa Shoten

The manju from Kikukawa Shoten are very popular. Manju is a traditional Japanese sweet. The outside is made from flour, rice power, ad buckwheat. The filling is anko or sweet red bean paste, made from boiled adzuki beans. White adzuki beans are used for these manju. You can see the employees making it at the storefront, and so buying it fresh is even better.


#4. Tsuki no Usagi – Hakone Wagashi Nanohana

Tsuki no Usagi is a sweet bun filled with a whole chestnut inside it. This is the special of the shop, the bun is supposed to resemble the moon.


#5. Hakone Roll – Hakone Cafe

Hakone Roll is a roll cake made with mild cream, refined Japanese sugar, vitamin-rich eggs, and rice flour. There is the original flavor or chestnut flavor. It is recommend to buy the half and half set, there is two half-sized portions of the original and seasonal cake.


#6. Crunch Choco Bar – Hakone Eva Store

This Crunch Choco Bar is special because on the packing, there is the characters from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is only sold seasonally. There are five different characters and flavors.


#7. Trick Box – Hakone Maruyama

Trick Box is a product that represents Yosegi Zaiku, or wooden mosaic work. This traditional product is said to date back to 1830 or the late Edo period. The box can be opened after solving the riddles,it can be unlocked several times, from four to twelve times. The box with 125 riddles is required to be unlocked at the shop.


#8. Nuts Vessel – Hakone Sagamiya

Nuts Vessel is an original European-style served at weddings, the owner created the recipe. This sweet uses seven different kinds of nuts, then they are coated with caramel. This is a great souvenir for anyone.


#9. Kuro Tamago (Black Egg) – Owakudani Kurotamagokan


Kuro Tamago, or black egg is a boiled egg in the hot springs in Owakudani, Hakone. The egg turns black from the chemistry combined with geothermal energy and volcanic gas. Eating a black egg is said to prolong your life for seven years, having the status as Enmei Jizo, there is a chance to prolong your life by eating this food from Owakudani.


#10. Hakone Pudding – Hakone Cafe

Hakone Pudding is a rich-flavored pudding made with vitamin enriched eggs and fresh milk. This mild pudding is popular among all generations and it is in a cute egg-shaped cup. This pudding is sold exclusively at the shop in Hakoneyumono Station. This is a great souvenir.


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