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Top 10 Places to Live in Tokyo Recommended by Locals

Anyone living in Tokyo thinks about convenience and transportation. There are certain towns that locals like to live in. Find a town that suits your needs and lifestyle the best.

#1. Kichijoji


Kichioji has been a popular choice for over five years now. It is a popular place for people living alone, couples, and families. There is something for everyone in Kichioji. In the area, there is shopping districts, department stores, and super markets. Everything is conveniently located. Kichioji is a 20 minute train ride away from Shinjuku and Shibuya. Inokashira Park is also close, so it is a good place to relax on the weekends.


#2. Ebisu


Ebisu is a stylish town popular among women. There are many restaurants and shops for all ages. It is extremely convenient because the main train lines running through the station is the JR Yamanoto line and the Hibiya Line. Living in Ebisu is expensive, but it increases your status and you can brag about it.


#3. Meguro


Meguro is considered the center of the city, but it is part of the city that is more laid back. Walking around has a sophisticated feeling and in the spring you can walk along the river and view the cherry blossoms. There are many local shops with things not found everywhere and it is conveniently located with many trains running through.


#4. Jiyugaoka

best places tokyo to live

Jiyugaoka is a upper-class town popular among women. There are many stylish and modern cafes and shops. From Jiyugaoka, Shibuya is only 10 minutes away by express train. It is also easy to get to Roppongi and Ginza by train. Meguro is great for students or people working.


#5. Ikebukuro


Right in front of Ikebukuro Station, there are so many shops and restaurants. Ikebukuro has changed their image, it is different when compared to how it was before. There are many departments store so it is a popular shopping place. The shops are trying to appeal to women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Ikebukuro is located on the edge of Tokyo, close to Saitama prefecture.


#6. Nakano


Nakano is known for manga and anime shops, the most famous shop is “Nakano Broadway”. There are concerts and weddings that take place at the popular “Nakano Sun Plaza”. Nakano has undergone some city planning and the city is starting to look more modern. There is still shopping districts that have been there for years. Nakano is becoming more popular among young women, they say it is an easy place to live.


#7. Shinjuku


Shijuku is a most bustling city in Japan, there are hundreds of shops and restaurants. From the east exit of the station, there is famous department stores and the famous Kabukicho is near by. Going out the west exit leads to Tocho, which is a major business district. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden was built during the Edo period and it is 58.3 hectare park. It is a spacious and beautiful garden.


#8. Naka-Meguro


Naka-Meguro is very good for families because there are three major departments stores and supermarkets. Naka-Meguro is beautiful in the spring time because the streets are lined with cherry blossom trees. The local shops and the trendy cafes are a must check.


#9. Ogikubo


Ogikubo has always felt like a suburban part of Tokyo. It is said that people who have just moved to Tokyo have an easy time making friends here. Shinjuku and other parts of town are easy to access. This town has cheaper rent even though it is easy to get around.


#10. Shibuya


Shibuya doesn’t have the image of people actually living there. This vibrant shopping district can be loud but it is extremely convenient. After walking past the main part of Shibuya it is much quieter and there are nice places to live. There are many convenience stores and some super markets near by. Going away from the station, there is Yoyogi Park and it can be a chance to escape from the bustling crowd. Shibuya can be an easy place to live because of all the shops and restaurants.


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