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Kimono Forest

Be Dazzled by the Kimono Forest at Arashiyama Station in Kyoto

The new magnificently Japanese-style renovation at Arashiyama Station in Kyoto is a must see. The Kimono Forest was created to bring vibrancy to a beautiful area in Kyoto. Seeing it in the day is different, and the night scene offers even more.

What is the Kimono Forest?

Kimono Forest

The Kimono Forest is located at Arashiyama Station in Kyoto. The station was remolded in 2013 and there was a beautiful traditional Japanese addition. The Kimono Forest is made up of two meter tall cylinders and inside there is pieces of fabric dyed in the Kyo Yuzen style.

Kimono Forest

There are over 600 of them and they cover the station’s groups. The art piece was created for Kamedatori, a long standing textile factory that dates back to the Taisho period. They are also the producer of the brand Pagong. The brand combines Kyo Yuzen style and aloha shirts. There are over 32 different patterns used for the display and they were selected by Yasumichi Morita.


Illuminated Kimonos at Night

Illuminated Kimonos at Night

Seeing the Kimonos in the day is beautiful already, but seeing it at night is something else. The LED lights in the poles makes everything more interesting, the prints are back-lit and it is a must see. There is a “Kimono Lane”, and there are illuminated poles on both sides of the walk way. Walking through makes you completely forget you are inside the station. The lights create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.


Ryu no Atago


At the end of Kimono Lane, there is an energy or power spot named Ryu no Atago. The name came from the nearby temple, Tenryuji Temple. It is said that if you pray in front of this dragon decorated pond, your wishes will come true. Also, if you dip your hands into the water you will be blessed with happiness. The water comes from a spring 50 meters underground from the sacred mountain Atago.


Retro Train at the Station


The Randen Line has some retro-style cars. When riding on the retro cars, and the cars enter the Kimono Forest, it is truly an unforgettable experience. Taking the train at night is another different unforgettable experience. The illuminated fabric in the darkness is dazzling.

Kimono Forest

The original idea came from the designer Yasumichi Morita, he wanted to “give a fresh air to the station while still keeping the old tradition”. This used to be a place that didn’t attract tourist or locals. The new look of Arashiyama Station is now a must see for anyone visiting Japan. The way of renovating a station in this manner is truly Japanese.
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Arashiyama Station, Kimono Forest

Address: around Randen Arashiyama Station

Phone: 075-873-2121

Website: Kimono Forest


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