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10 Sweet and Savory Food Souvenirs from Hokkaido

There are many sweets and savory that can only be purchased in Hokkaido. Food souvenirs from Hokkaido use local ingredients. There are sweet and savory food souvenirs to satisfy anyone.

Hokkaido is a great place to buy delicious food made with high quality ingredients because of the clean air, clear water, and rich soil. Each ingredient is high quality so the ingredients produced in Hokkaido are used for sweets and snacks. The following list is 10 representative sweets and snacks that you can buy at the airport, the station and other major souvenir shops only in Hokkaido.


#1. Shiroi Koibito from Ishiya Seika

Shiroi Koibito from Ishiya Seika
Photo Credit:Yusuke Kawasaki@Flickr.com

Shiroi Koibito is probably the most popular sweet souvenir from Hokkaido because it is affordable, compact, light to carry, and delicious. Shiroi Koibito is two thin cookies filled with rich white chocolate. It costs 576 yen to 3,806 yen including tax. The price differs depending on the amount of cookies in the box.


#2 Shiroi Black Thunder from Yuraku

Shiroi Black Thunder from Yuraku
Photo Credit: Bodo@Flickr.com

First of all, “Black Thunder” is a popular chocolate bar made with biscuit and cocoa cookies. It has been loved for over 20 years and it can be bought at supermarkets and convenience stores. On the other hand, “Shiroi Black Thunder” is only available in Hokkaido. It is made with white chocolate, imaging the white snow in Hokkaido. It costs 648 yen including tax for a dozen.


#3. Nama Chocolate from Royce

Nama Chocolate from Royce
Photo Credit: royce.com

The nama chocolate from Royce is easy to find at cake shops or chocolate shops in Japan. Royce is a famous confectionery company in Hokkaido, they became popular after producing this product. The texture of the fresh chocolate is soft and it gently melts in your month. There are different flavors such as Au Lait, Champagne Pierre Mignon, Semi-sweet, White and Matcha. A box with 20 pieces of chocolate is 778 yen including tax.


#4. Potato Chips Chocolate from Royce

Potato Chips Chocolate from Royce
Photo Credit: David McKelvey@Flickr.com

Do you know what potato chips and chocolate together tastes like? Surprisingly, the salty potato chips covered in chocolate are a great combination. There are different kinds of chocolate such as original milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel chocolate. For 190 grams it costs 778 yen plus tax.


#5. Marusei Butter Sandwich from Rokkatei

Photo Credit: rokkatei

Rokkatei is one of the most popular confectionery companies in Hokkaido. The Marusei Butter Sandwich is a creme filled sandwich cookie. The cookies are filled with white chocolate, butter creme, and raisins, they have been loved by tourists and Hokkaido residents for a long time. For one cookie, it is 130 yen plus tax. Of course, there are boxes of six or more, so they are great gifts.


#6. Yubari Melon Pure Jelly from Hori

Yubari is famous for the melons grown in the region and it is a luxury item because the melons are big, yellow on the inside, and taste. Yubari Melon Pure Jelly is made of Yubari melon and it tastes just like the real melon. The jelly can cost 540 yen to 5,400 yen including tax and the price is different depending on the number of cups.


#7. Jaga Pokkuru from Calbee Japan

Jaga Pockle
Photo Credit: new-chitose-airport.jp

Calbee is one of the most popular snack manufactures in Japan. They produce various snacks but Jaga Pokkuru is only for sale in Hokkaido because Hokkaido grown potatoes are used to make Jaga Pokkuru. You will love Jaga Pokkuru’s crispy texture and flavor. A box of Jaga Pokkuru costs 840 yen including tax.


#8. Raw Caramel from Hanabatake Bokujo

Nama Caramel of Hanabatake Bokujo
Photo Credit: new-chitose-airport.jp

The Hanabatake Bokujo is a real ranch, they have fresh milk and they produce fresh milk products. This caramel has many flavors, such as plain, melon, strawberry, chocolate and premium, which uses Manuka honey. Each box costs 648 yen including tax for 8 pieces. A box of premium fresh caramel costs 1,296 yen including tax.


#9. Double Fromage from Letao

Fromage Double - LeTAO
Photo Credit: letao.jp

Letao is one of the most famous and popular cheesecake shops in Japan. The best cheesecake from Letao is rich and dense , the Double Fromage is a double-layer cake of rare and baked cheesecake. It became well-known because it was introduced in various TV programs, magazines and guidebooks. The whole 12 cm cheesecake costs 1,728 yen including tax.


#10. Rakuno Cheese Pudding from Kinotoya

Rakuno Cheese Pudding
Photo Credit: kinotoya.com

Kinotoya is a confectionery company that specializes in sweets made with Hokkaido cheese. Rakuno Cheese Pudding is one of the popular cheese sweets made with select ingredients including milk produced in Biei, Hokkaido mascarpone cheese, and French creme cheese. A jar of pudding costs 324 yen including tax for 90 grams.


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