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6 of the Best Lingerie Brands in Japan

Japan has many high quality lingerie brands. There are new products every season. With many colors and styles to choose from, there will be no problem finding something.

#1. Wacoal

Photo Credit:store.wacoal.jp

From gorgeous to elegant, sexy to girly, Wacoal has answered all of the needs that women want in lingerie. Wacoal’s products are renowned for the super high quality and almost of the items are manufactured by hand using Japanese sewing technology. There are new products every season. Wacoal’s products ranges from ladie’s bra, panties, camisoles etc to men’s and kid’s innerwear.


#2.  Triumph International

Photo Credit:jp.triumph.com

Triumph for Japanese girls is cute and comfortable bras.  Although Triumph is ranked as number two in Japan, the brand has gained great popularity by answering to the needs and preferences of their customers. The Angel Bra or “Tenshi no Bra” and the Bra in Love or “Koisuru Bra” sold millions immediately after going on sale. Triumph’s latest campaign, “Wonder Make” introduced mesh wire, a new material that made it possible to combine the advantages of both the comfort of wireless bra and the beautiful silhouette of wearing a wire bra.


#3. Ravijour

Photo Credit:株式会社ベリグリ

Ravijour specializes in sexy lingerie and room wear for women in their 20s and 30s. The detail-oriented designs are gorgeous and dazzling, there is a large color selection that will emphasize the beauty of your body line. Check out lingerie from Ravijour to get ready for a romantic occasion!


#4. Peach John

Photo Credit:peachjohn.com

Peach John has realized the maximum cost performance, with its gorgeous yet comfort oriented designs and affordable price. This brand’s products include bras for daily use, push-up bras, wireless soft bras, lingerie for expecting mothers, and lingerie costumes. The “Miracle Nudy Bra” is one of Peach John’s most popular items, it is machine washable and uses elastic wire so it is easy to fold into a travel bag.


#5. Kid Blue

Photo Credit:kidblue.com

Kid Blue promotes a lifestyle of stylish simplicity, the items range from lingerie to nightwear. The designs of Kid Blue’s soft bras prioritize comfort over looks, but the cute lacy hem on the top of the bra keeps girls coming back for more.


#6. Aimerfeel

Photo Credit:facebook.com

Aimerfeel is the brand that best understands what women and girls want. Though smaller than other lingerie brands, Aimerfeel’s products covers all the bases that you would need such as super push-up bras to look both glamourous and slim, character-themed bras, wireless bras, tube type bras, and sexy bras.


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