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10 Popular Sourvenirs to Buy at the Fukuoka Airport

At the Fukuoka Airport, there are so many different kinds of treats and snacks it can be hard to decide. If you are giving a gift, get some of the most delicious snacks or sweets conveniently at the airport.

When you visit Fukuoka Airport you will be overwhelmed at the amount of souvenirs to choose from. There are hundreds of unique sweets and local specialties on display everywhere. If you have already tried the typical “Torimon” or sweet potato sweets, why not choose from a variety of new ones which are all delicious it would be quite difficult to choose from!


#1. Hakata Horosaku

Hakata Horosaku
Photo Credit: fuubian.com

Horosaku uses the finest wasanbon sugar to add a gentle sweetness to the bite size flaky cookies that melt in your mouth. There is three flavors to choose from, Horosaku is a small and attractive sweet very popular among women.


#2. Hakatano Ishidatami

Fukuoka Souvenirs
Photo Credit: chocolateshop.jp

The best souvenir for chocolate lovers! Hakatano Ishidatami chocolate is the best selling sweet in the chocolate stores, the sweets is layers of chocolate sponge cake, chocolate mousse, and cream. It is covered with a thin layer of chocolate. It is not overly sweet so it would be a nice gift for not only women but men also.


#3. Hakata Mentai Ebi Senbei

Fukuoka Souvenirs
Photo Credit: fuubian.com

Hakata Mentai Ebi Senbei is a slightly hot rice cracker topped with Hakata Mentaiko (the marinated roe of pollock and cod). It uses the sea salt of the Genkainada to create a scent of sea food which spreads in your mouth when eating the cracker.


#4. Niwaka Senbei

Fukuoka Souvenirs
Photo Credit: june29@flickr

Niwaka Senbei is a popular souvenir to buy at Hakata Airport. This rice cracker is modeled after Hakata Niwaka, a type of comedic traditional performance in which performers wear Niwaka, translating to half-face masks. A new version of the Niwaka Senbei is the Black Niwaka, which uses black sugar and bamboo coal produced in Okinawa to make it black. The Black Niwaka wears glasses and is a little bit cooler than the usual Niwaka Senbei.


#5. Akagousu

The Akagousu is the helmet “Gunshi Kanbei” was wearing, who had not once been defeated in war though he went through more than fifty of them. Akagousu has imaged the helmet of this war genius into a dorayaki sweet with sticky black sugar dough and bean paste. The bean paste melts in your mouth and it is not too sweet so you probably can’t stop yourself eating it. Gunshi Kanbe was indestructible so it would be good luck to buy this sweet for anyone who needs the luck!


#6. Jaga Hokkori

Jaga Hokkori is one of the many of Calbee’s masterpieces, but thicker, with a freshly baked potato taste. It’s like a cross between thin potato chips and potato wedges you can get from a burger restaurant. Great for when you get hungry enough for an appetizer but not enough for a whole meal.


#7. Tubu Tube

Tubu Tubu
Photo Credit: fukuya.com

Tubu Tube has put fresh mentaiko in a tube! Tubu Tube goes well with almost anything and you can easily enjoy mentaiko dishes at home. Tubu Tube has sold over 600 thousand tubes already.


#8. Nanoka

Once you open the package you can smell the orange peels, which is the trademark of Nanoka. Nanoka is like marshmallows or sponges in your mouth and the texture is delicate and refreshing. The appearance is like rakugan and there are orange peels inside which makes it smell refreshingly good. It would be a suitable gift for your superiors and your boss.


#9. Hakata Karikari Chicken Skin

The Hakata Karikari Chicken Skin has been fried crisp, and would go perfectly with a pint of beer. With each chew you can get the flavor out of the chicken making you want to eat more and more. Salt and pepper is attached to the package for you to add right before you eat it. It gives a punch to the taste making it even a greater match with beer.


#10. Chirorian

Photo Credit: chidoriya.co.jp

Chirorian is a roll cookie made with fresh milk and rich butter making it light, crisp and melting in your mouth. There is vanilla, coffee, strawberry and chocolate flavors to choose from.


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