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Himokawa Udon

10 Delicious Must-eat Local Food in Gunma

Gunma is a landlocked prefecture on Japan's Honshu Island. Since Gunma produces a lot of wheat, noodles are very popular. Try delicious vegetables and meat with locally made noodles.

#1. Torimeshi

local gunma food
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Boxed lunches are sold at JR Takasaki Station, they have been extremely popular since 1934. Torimeshi sold at JR Takasaki Station is one of the three best Torimeshi lunch boxes in Japan. Torimeshi features chameshi, rice boiled in tea flavored with sake and soy sauce and the fresh chicken is cooked in various ways.


#2. Himokawa Udon

local gunma food
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Himokawa udon noodles are a specialty in and around Kiryu, where wheat is largely produced, and developed various kinds of wheat dishes. Himokawa udon noodles are 1.5 centimeters to 15 centimeters wide. Introduced by TV programs, Himokawa udon noodles 10 centimeters wide attracted people’s attention,  the noodles can be eaten at Furukawa and other places in Kiryu City.


#3. Konnyaku


Gunma is the largest producer of konnyaku, a gelatinous food made from devil’s-tongue starch. There are various kinds of konnyaku dishes ranging from standard dishes, konnyaku sashimi, and oden to konnyaku ice cream in the summer. Souvenir shops in Gunma offer a wide range of konnyaku, such as pickled konnyaku with miso paste, yuba konnyaku or thin konnyaku and edamame konnyaku toufu, and konnyaku with green soybeans.


#4. Ota Yakisoba

B-level gourmet dishes are delicious, inexpensive, and can be found all over Ota City, what comes into your mind first? Needless to say, it’s Ota yakisoba. Featuring thick noodles with only cabbage and richly flavored Worcestershire sauce, Ota yakisoba is a heavy and filling food. There are many shops offering Ota yakisoba.


#5. Sauce Katsudon

local gunma food
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Sauce katsudon is bowls of rice topped with pork cutlets and sauce, is a local dish in Maebashi City and Kiryu City in Gunma. The combination of the crisp three or four bites-sized pork cutlets, sauce, and rice is great. The price of sauce katsudon depends on the number of cutlets, starts at 800 yen by four pieces.


#6. Numata Dangojiru

Numata dangojiru, Japanese soup with dumplings and local vegetables is a traditional local dish unique to Numata City, the town surrounded by mountains and famous for the onsens. Restaurants serving Numata dangojiru are easy to spot because there is a red shop curtain hanging outside the entrance. Numata dangojiru is made with different seasons depending on the restaurant.


#7. Mizusawa Udon

local gunma food
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Mizusawa udon is a traditional noodle dish severed near Mizusawa Kannon for more than 400 years. Mizusawa udon features translucent and chewy noodles. Mizusawa udon is usually served as a cold dish and is eaten with two types of broth.


#8. Takasaki Pasta

Gunma is one of the largest wheat-growing regions. The number of pasta restaurants per capita in Takasaki City is some of the highest in Japan. Pasta contest to decide “the king of pasta” is held annually in Takasaki City. Pasta restaurants in Takasaki City compete with their cooking every day.


#9. Yakimanju


Yakimanju is a local snack in Gunma, especially central east Gunma. Yakimanju is a grilled sweet bun on a skewer seasoned with miso paste. Usually the sweet bun is plain, but there are sweet buns with red bean jam too. Freshly grilled hot yakimanju is very delicious.


#10. Sukiyaki (Shimonita Negi)

Shimonita negi is a type of green onion, one of Gunma’s well-known vegetables. Shimonita negi is soft and uniquely sweet when stewed. Shimonita negi is very popular among foodies because of the flavor. Shimonita negi matches with sukiyaki very well. Sukiyaki is a dish made with thinly sliced beef, long green onions, tofu, and shiitake mushrooms cooked in an iron pot at the table.


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