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Awa Odori

11 Things to Do and See in Tokushima

The Tokushima prefecture in Japan produces rice and vegetables. This agricultural prefecture has many things to do outdoors. Come see a different side of rural Japan.

#1. Awa Odori

Awa Odori
Photo Credit: Kumar nav@Flickr 

Awa Odori is one of Tokushima’s local traditional dance festivals dedicated to Obon Festival, the festival of the dead. Awa Odori stated in the Edo period and it is very popular among locals. You can feel the spirit of the Tokushima people from their dance performances, which can be seen all over the city during the Obon Festival in summer.
[map lat=”34.070146″ lng=”134.545099″][/map]

Awa Odori Festival

Period: 12th to 15th August every year

Access: Few minutes walk from Tokushima Station

WebSite: Tokushima City (Japanese)


#2. Tanada in Kamikatsucho

Tanada in Kamikatsucho

Tanada, rice terracing is wisdom that has been passed down from ancient Japan, the practice of cultivating rice on the side of mountains. The rice fields are beautifully green from early-May to August, and then turn gold when ready to be harvested in autumn. If you want to see the Japanese countryside, this is the place you should visit.
[map lat=”33.886613″ lng=”134.378754″][/map]

Tanada in Kamikatsucho

Address: Tanada Masaki, Kamikatsucho, Katsuura-gun, Tokushima Prefecture

Access: 1 hour drive by Tokushima Prefecture Route 16

Website: Kamikatsucho Kanko Site (Japanese)


#3. Mt. Tsurugi

Mt. Tsurugi

With the height of 1,955 meters above sea level, this is the second highest mountain in western Japan. It is also counted as one of Japan’s 100 best mountains. On the mountain top, there many different kinds of alpine plants blooming throughout the year. The recommended season is May to November. A ropeway can take you very close to the top, so why not enjoy hiking?
[map lat=”36.623312″ lng=”137.617075″][/map]

Mt. Tsurugi

Address: Iwakura Naka, Naka District, Tokushima Prefecture

Access: 30 minute drive by Japan National Route 492

Phone: 0883-68-2113

Website: Tsurugisan Kanko Suishin Kyogikai (Japanese)


#4. Townscape of Udatsu in Wakimachi

Townscape of Udatsu in Wakimachi

Building udatsu, fireproof walls between houses, required quite a lot of money, hence udatsu was recognized as a symbol of wealth. This town was famous for Ai, Japanese natural dye to produce the color navy, and many Ai merchants lived around here. Needless to say, they were rich and they built udatsu to show off their wealth. The townscape shows you the atmosphere of the prosperity during the Edo period.
[map lat=”34.068145″ lng=”134.146093″][/map]

Townscape of Udatsu 

Address: Wakimachi, Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture

Access: 10 minute drive from Anabuki Station

Phone: 0883-53-8599

Website: Mimashi Kanko Kyokai (Japanese)


#5. Night View from Mt. Bizan

Night View from Mt. Bizan

Mt. Bizan got its name because it looks like an eyebrow (Kanji representing eyebrows is pronounced “bi” in Japanese) from every single angle. There is even a poem borrowing the theme from the mountain within ancient poetry. This is a great spot to have a scenic night view of the city. Mt. Bizan is more of a hill than a mountain, so you can climb up to the top, or ride on the ropeway.
[map lat=”34.061549″ lng=”134.516508″][/map]

Mt. Bizan

Address: Shoyama Kamonacho, Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture

Access: 10 minute walk from Tokushima Station to ropeway station

Phone: 088-621-5232

Website: Mimashi Kanko Kyokai (Japanese)


#6. Okuiya Kanko Shuyu Monorail

Okuiya Kanko Shuyu Monorail
Photo Credit: miyoshinavi.jp

This is the world longest monorail at 4,600 meters. Moreover, the difference of elevation (590 meters), the largest angle of inclination (40 degrees), and the height above sea level (1380 meters) makes it the world’s number one monorail! The cute beetle-shaped cars will take you on a marvelous trip around Iya Valley.
[map lat=”33.868344″ lng=”133.979016″][/map]

Okuiya Kanko Shuyu Monorail

Address: 28 Higashiiyasugeoi, Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture

Access: 30 minute drive from Ikawaikeda IC

8:30 AM – 4:oo (April – September)
8:30 AM – 3:3o (October and November)

Admission Fee:
2,000 yen (Adult)
800 yen (Child)

Phone: 090-7781-5828

Website: Miyoshishi Kanko Site  (Japanese)


#7. Iya Valley

Iya Valley

Iya Valley is a V-shaped valley that stretches 10 kilometers. The emerald green river is surrounded by nature that looks different every season. This is one of Japan’s three unexplored regions, many tourists visit the western part of the valley because of the historic vine bridge, Kazurabashi. At Oku-Iya Kazurabashi there are historic hamlets, lots of thatched roof homes, and extensive mountain hiking trails.
[map lat=”33.911467″ lng=”133.813664″][/map]

Iya Valley

Address: Nishiiyayamamura Tanouchi, Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture

Access: 30 minute drive from Ikawaikeda IC

Phone: 0883-72-7620

Website: Miyoshishi Kanko Site (Japanese)


#8. The Eddying Tides of Naruto

The Eddying Tides of Naruto

This is what represents Tokushima. You literally cannot leave Tokushima without seeing the dynamic creation of the sea.

Naruto city is a must-visit spot when in Tokushima. Make sure you check the time for high and low waters otherwise you will miss the tides because they are only seen for one hour before and after high/low water. You can come close to the tides on a ferry or look down at them from the pathway on Onaruto Bridge.
[map lat=”34.237870″ lng=”134.647911″][/map]

Naruto City

Address: Tosadomariura, Narutocho, Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture

Access: 5 minute drive from Narutokita IC

Phone: 088-683-6262

Website: Narutoshi (Japanese)


#9. Okuiya Niju Kazurabashi and Yaen

Okuiya Niju Kazurabashi and Yaen

Did you know there are more rope bridges other than the famous Kazurabashi Bridge? There are two rope bridges built next to each other deep in the woods of Iya. They are referred to husband and wife, thus they are called Otoko Bashi (Man Bridge) and Onna Bashi (Woman Bridge). And you will find another one called Yaen (Wild Monkey Bridge), this bridge requires you to pull yourself across the river! This area is open from April to November.
[map lat=”33.875147″ lng=”133.835378″][/map]

Kazurabashi of Iya

Address: 162-2 Nishiiyayamamura Zentoku, Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture

Access: 2.5 hour drive from Awaikeda Station

Admission Fee:
550 yen (Adult)
350 yen (Child)

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Phone: 0120-404-344

Website: Miyoshishi Kanko Kyokai (Japanese)


#10 Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms
Photo Credit: awanavi.jp

Tokushima offers some nice places to see cherry blossoms. Tokushima College of Agriculture is open to the public during cherry blossom season. The breathtaking view of thousands of cherry blossom trees welcomes you. If you want to enjoy something different from ordinary cherry blossom, drive to the Kawai Pass. You will find old weeping cherry trees on the surface of the mountain and the contrast of pink and green is absolutely fantastic.
[map lat=”34.062459″ lng=”134.440262″][/map]

Tokushima College of Agriculture

Address: 1660 Ishii, Myozai District, Tokushima Prefecture

Access: 45 minute drive from Tokushima Station

Phone: 088-694-5259

Website: Tokushima College of Agriculture


[map lat=”33.941841″ lng=”134.228865″][/map]


Kawai Pass

Address: Ohkita, Koyadaira, Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture

Access: 50 minute drive from Wakimachi IC

Website: Mimashi Kanko Kyokai (Japanese)


#11. Underwater Sightseeing Boat Blue Marine

Fancy a cruise on a sightseeing boat? The Blue Marine will take you on a 45 minute boat ride around Takegakashima Marine Park. You can enjoy the underwater world and greet beautiful tropical fish and coral.
[map lat=”33.547415″ lng=”134.317105″][/map]

Underwater Sightseeing Boat Blue Marine

Address: 28-45 Takegashima Shishikuiura, Kaiyocho, Kaifu-gun, Tokushima Prefecture

Access: 1 minute walk from Takegashima Bus Stop (Tokushima Bus)

Admission Fee:
1,800 yen (Adult)
900 yen (Child)

Hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
*Closed Tuesdays

Phone: 0884-76-3100

Website: Kaiyocho Kanko Kyokai (Japanese)


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