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Kuchikami Sake Themed “Kimi no Na Wa.” is Now on Sale

Kuchikami Sake Themed “Kimi no Na Wa.” is Now on Sale

"Kimi no Na Wa. (Your Name)" directed by Makoto Shinkai is big hit in Japan and around the world. Kuchikami Sake is a key item in the movie and its themed Sake is on sale from liquor store in Hida, Gifu prefecture.

Kimi no Na Wa. (Your Name.)
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“Kimi no Na Wa. (Your Name.)” directed by Makoto Shinkai is making waves not only in Japan but also in some other countries. Hida which is located at upper Gifu prefecture is used in Kimi no Na Wa and it is getting well known as landmarks used in the movie. And now, a liquor store in Hida starts to sell Kimi no Na Wa themed Japanese Sake, “Kuchikami Sake (口噛み酒)”.

kuchikami Sake
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“Kuchikami Sake” is one of the key item in the movie. It is a Japanese sake made by Mitsuha, one of the main characters and a female attendant of a shrine which is her home, in traditional way to give it to the god. To make this sake, she keeps chewing rices until it turns into liquid in her mouth. Then she put the rice liquid into a bottle, and it will be brewed and become sake bit by bit with time. This sake is called “a half soul” of someone who made it.

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Watanabe Shuzoten in Hida released “Horai, Sake of Sanctuary” which represents its bottle from November 2nd. This “Sake of Sanctuary” is a Japanese sake made by brewing “Hida-homare,” brewer’s rice from Hida, with fresh well water called water of immortality aiming people to know Hida’s attractiveness more.

kuchikami Sake
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Therefore, there is not actual “Kuchikami Sake” made by female attendant chews rice in part because there are problems about morality. In fact, you can drink “Japanese sake, Horai, in a same designed bottle with the one in the movie,”not real Kuchikami Sake. By the way, this product was said grace by Ketawakamiya Shrine, the model of model of shrine in the movie.

kuchikami Sake
Photo Credit: youtube.com

It’s a limited production which sells 3,000 only and costs 3,240 yen. You can directly get this product from some liquor stores in Hida or online shop of Watanabe liquor store. You can feel like you became the heroine of  “Kimi no Na Wa” and drink Japanese supernaculum made in Hida at the same time. Don’t miss it!
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Watanabe Shuzoten

Address: 7-7 Ichi-no-machi, Hurukawa-cho, Hida, Gifu

Access: 6 minute walk from Hida-Furukawa Station

Hours: 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 2:00 PM (Hours for the tour)

Price: 3,240 yen

Phone: 0120-856-859

Website: Watanabe Shuzoten


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