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Promenade of Light in ROHM illumination

The ROHM Illumination 2016 in Kyoto will Make your Winter Unforgettable

The ROHM Illumination 2016 in Kyoto has many different attractions for all ages. 800,000 lights create this spectacular winter illumination in the historic city of Kyoto.

ROHM illumination in Kyoto in 2016

Christmas is arriving, that means it is illumination time. ROHM is the sponsor for one of the winter illuminations in Kyoto. ROHM is a Kyoto based company that produces semiconductors, LSI, transistors, diodes, and LEDs etc. The company uses their technologies to present an amazing night show for free.

800,000 light bulbs and LEDs are used to illuminate 82 trees along Sai Street, it is also known as Kasuga Dori, the street is in front of their office.The illuminated trees along the street is especially romantic for couples and enjoyable for families. This winter illumination started in 1995, it is the largest illumination in Kyoto.

This illumination starts on November 24th and continues till December 25th. The opening concert will be held by the ROHM Symphonic Band, comprised by employees who love music, this event started in 2006. They play at company events and regional events, their motto is “music for smile”.


Yamamono Trees

Yamamomo trees in ROHM illumination

The signature trees are called Yamamomo trees, also called “Chinese bayberry” and “yumberry” at the corner of Gojyo Street and Sai Street. These two trees are about 10 meters high and they face each other at the entrance, it is created with sophisticated white LED lights. The meaning of a Yamamomo tree is “loving only one person”. These two huge round trees attract many people and they reflect love and kindness.


Promenade of Light

Promenade of Light in ROHM illumination

After going through the Yamamomo trees, walk along the illuminated trees called the “Promenade of Light”. Twenty Metasequoia trees are covered with shiny lights on every branch. During this event, as leaves change colors, the colors of lights also change. Enjoy the contrast of the lights and leaves.


Ensemble of Light

Ensemble of Light
Photo Credit: Hiro – Kokoro☆Photo@flickr

In addition to the illumination, there is a variety of light and sound attractions, “The Ensemble of Light” is at the Shibafu Hiroba next to Nakura Park. A huge screen made with LEDs and light bulbs on the lawn change together with music. These images, lights, and music create a wonderful atmosphere. There are lots of weekend events at this area. It is recommenced to come dressed in layers because winter nights are cold. It is also recommended to take public transit instead of driving directly to the entrance. All ages will enjoy this illumination, it will for sure be an unforgettable night.
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ROHM Illumination 2016

Address: 21 Saiinmizosakicho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Access: 10 minute walk from Nishi-Kyogoku Station

Illumination Period: November 24th – December 25th, 2016

Hours: 4:45 PM – 10:00 PM

Website: ROHM illumination 2016 (Japanese)


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