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7 Tips for Chain Restaurants in Japan

7 Tips for Chain Restaurants in Japan

At chain restaurants in Japan, there are many different ways to order your favorite food. Most of the time, the options are free so you can enjoy your usual a little differently.

Did you know about the different options at chain restaurants in Japan? There are different kinds of perks for free depending on the chain. For those visiting or living in Japan, knowing these tips can save you some money.


#1. Sushizanmai

Photo Credit: Tetsuji Sakakibara@flicker

Sushizanmai is one of the most famous conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Japan. It is not expensive, so you can enjoy many kinds of sushi at a reasonable price. One piece of sushi is not that big so you may need to eat quite a few to fell full, but did you know that you can order sushi in different sizes at Sushizanmai? It depends on the branch, but you can order customized sushi that is up to 3 times, 5 times, or 10 times bigger than the standard size. However, please be careful as the price also increases with the size.


#2. Gyudon Chain Restaurant

Gyudon Chain Restaurant
Photo Credit: Hajime NAKANO@flickr

Gyudon chain restaurants are pretty popular in Japan. Gyudon means beef bowl and are an inexpensive but tasty meal.  There are several different ways you can order your beef bowl. The basic way is called “tsuyu daku”, this is for those who want more of the delicious broth that is used to make Gyudon. In this style the rice is sitting in the broth, however we don’t recomend ordering tsuyu daku for take out. ordering take-out. The other option is “negi daku”, where the beef bowl is covered with a thick layer of onion that have been boiled in beef broth. Be careful to order “negi daku” and not “negi dake” because then you will end up with a bowl of onions and rice with no beef.

This is the list of ways to order.

<Common Terms>
・Tsuyu daku : Gyudon served with extra broth
・Tsuyu dakudaku : Gyudon served with even more broth
・Tsuyu nuki : Gyudon served with no broth
・Negi daku : Gyudon served with extra onions
・Negi nuki : Gyudon served with no onions

■ Yoshinoya
・Karuino : slightly smaller portion of rice
・Atama no daimori : smaller portion of rice with a larger portion of meat.
・Atama no tokumori : smaller portion of rice with extra large portion of meat.
・Niku Shita : rice is served on top of the meat.
・Tsumeshiro : rice is served cold
・Torodaku : lots of fatty meat
・Oyu wari : hot miso soup liquid is added to make flavour milder
・Aka oome : less fatty meat
・Toro nuki : no fatty meat
(※ Only at the Tsukiji store)

■ Sukiya
・Kingu : king sized gyudon. 6 times the normal meat and 2.5 times the normal rice
・Puchi : extra small sized gyudon

・Adjustable amount of Fukami curry pickle
・sarada no ko-n nuki : no corn in the salad


#3. CoCo Ichibanya

CoCo Ichibanya
Photo Credit: Hajime NAKANO@flickr

CoCo Ichibanya is famous curry chain restaurant in Japan. Sometimes people finish their curry before the rice, if there is only rice left, then extra curry roux is free. There is also different levels of spice, level 24 is the spiciest. Most people attempting the spicy curry start at level five. There has only been a few people who have been able to eat past level 6.


#4. Fujiya Restaurant

Fujiya Restaurant
Photo Credit: er Guiri@flickr

Fujiya is famous dessert chain restaurant in Japan. This chain is a dessert buffet. There is free baby food for customers with babies, and there is two different types of food served and it changes monthly.


#5. Bikkuri Donkey

Bikkuri Donkey
Photo Credit: hirotomo t@flickr

Bikkuri Donkey is famous steak chain restaurant in Japan. This chain is popular among adults and children, the sauce on the steaks or hamburgers is well-liked. Extra sauce for the steaks or hamburgers is free. The sauce comes in a separate bottle and it is even delicious poured over rice.


#6. Denny’s

Photo Credit: t-mizo@flickr

Denny’s is a family style dinner from America that has been popular in Japan. If you become a member of the Denny’s website, there is birthday coupons and even a free birthday cake. Rather than a normal cake, it is pancakes covered in fruits and chocolate sauce. It is quite a large platter of birthday pancakes for free.


#7. Marugame Seimen

Marugame Seimen
Photo Credit: jeff~@flickr

Marugame Seimen is a self service Udon restaurant chain restaurant in Japan. You can choose Tempura toppings from a self‐service counter and order your Udon at the counter. In addition, you can order rice instead of Udon and add Tempura toppings on top of the rice to make a Tendon bowl. Tempura sauce is also available.


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