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10 Relaxing Onsen Spots in Tokyo

There are many onsen facilities in Tokyo to visit during a day trip or even after work! Relax and sooth your skin in a natural bath. The onsen is an experience unique to Japan.

#1. Maenohara Onsen, Saya no Yudokoro

Maenohara Onsen, Saya-no-Yudokoro

Saya no Yudokoro has open-air onsens with water that is directly flowing from the source located 1,500 meters underground. The water is rich in sodium chloride which keeps your skin moisturized. They have 14 different types of baths, saunas and stone spas. You can also enjoy the view of their Karesansui garden, it is a traditional Japanese garden.
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Maenohara Onsen, Saya no Yudokoro

Address: 3-41-1 Maeno-cho, Itabashi Ward,Tokyo

Access: 8 minute walk from Shimura-Sakaue Station

Hours: 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM

*Monday to Friday
870 yen (Adult)
550 yen (Child)

*Weekend and Holidays
1,100 yen (Adult)
750 yen (Child)

Phone: 03-5916-3826

Website: Maenohara Onsen


#2. Tokyo Somei Onsen Sakura

Tokyo Somei Onsen Sakura
Photo Credit: sakura-2005.com

Tokyo Somei Onsen Sakura is famous for the water that contains natural minerals coming from geologic layers dating over 10 million years ago. This onsen is open every day from 10 AM to 11 PM, except the days needed for maintenance. Introducing a modern Japanese theme throughout facility, this onsen makes you feel as if you are at luxurious Japanese hotel in the middle of Tokyo.
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Tokyo Somei Onsen Sakura

Address: 5-4-24 Komagome, Toshima Ward, Tokyo

Access: 6 minute walk from Sugamo Station
*There is a free shuttle bus from Sugamo Station

Hours: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

1,296 yen (Adult)
756 yen (Child)

Phone: 03-5907-5566

Website: Tokyo Somei Onsen Sakura (Japanese)


#3. The Spa Seijo

The Spa Seijo
Photo Credit: central.co.jp

The Spa Seijo has a wide range of baths such as natural hot springs, both outdoor and indoor, foot baths, jet baths, cold water baths, and different types of saunas. They also have three relaxation rooms with different themes, so you can relax even more after you enjoy different baths!
[map lat=”35.653627″ lng=”139.615481″][/map]

The Spa Seijo

Address: 2F Central Wellness Center, 3-20-2 Chitosedai, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo

Access: 15 minute walk from Chitose Funabashi Station
*There is a free shuttle from Chitose Funabashi Station

Hours: 10:00 AM – 11:30 PM

*Monday to Friday
1,290 yen (Adult)
640 yen (Child)

*Weekend and Holidays
1,710 yen (Adult)
780 yen (Child)

Phone: 03-5429-1526

Website: The Spa Seijo (Japanese)


#4. Akigawa Keikoku Seoto no Yu

Akigawa Keikoku Seoto-no-Yu
Photo Credit: seotonoyu.jp

Located along the Akigawa gorge in the Chichibu Tama-kai national park, Seoto no Yu spa is surrounded by beautiful nature. You can enjoy the superb view from the open-air bath while looking out the wide windows of indoor bath. Their high alkaline water is known as “Bihada no Yu”, it is believed that the hot spring makes your skin more beautiful.
[map lat=”35.727349″ lng=”139.187684″][/map]

Akigawa Keikoku Seoto no Yu

Address: 565 Otsu, Akiruno City, Tokyo

Access: Take bus bound for Kamiyozawa via Seoto no Yu from Musashi-Itsukaichi Station

Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

900 yen (Adult)
450 yen (Child)

Phone: 042-595-2614

Website: Akigawa Keikoku Seoto no Yu (Japanese)


#5. Inagi Tennen Onsen Tokinoirodori

Photo Credit: tokinoirodori.com

Opened in 2007, Tokinoirodori has been very popular for the convenient location and the variety of baths. The water comes directly from the source located 1,700 meters underground. The water is rich in sodium hydrogen carbonate, which is very rare in the Tokyo area.
[map lat=”35.645529″ lng=”139.489677″][/map]

Inagi Tennen Onsen Tokinoirodori

Address: 6-13 Nanyo-dai, Inagi City, Tokyo

Access: 5 minute walk from Minami Tama Station

9:00 AM – 1:00 AM (Monday to Friday)
7:00 AM – 1:00 AM (Weekend and Holidays)

*Monday to Friday
800 yen (Adult)
450 yen (Child)

*Weekend and Holidays
950 yen (Adult)
650 yen (Child)

Phone: 042-370-2614

Website: Inagi Tennen Onsen Tokinoirodori (Japanese)


#6. Tennen Onsen Ikoi no Yu

Within their variety of indoor and outdoor baths, Sensui no Yu is an open-air hot spring in Ikoi no Yu, it is very popular for the health benefits. The salt spring is supposedly a remedy for chronic skin disease and various female ailments. Since it also contains hydrogen carbonate ion concentration of 287ml/kg, the water helps your skin get smoother.
[map lat=”35.598409″ lng=”139.384943″][/map]

Tennen Onsen Ikoi no Yu

Address: 1-11-5 Oyamagaoka, Machida City, Tokyo

20 minute walk from Tama-Sakai Station
*There is a free shuttle from Sagamihara Station and Minami-Osawa Station

Hours: 9:00 AM – 1:00 AM

*Monday to Friday
720 yen (Adult)
400 yen (Child)

*Weekend and Holidays
930 yen (Adult)
520 yen (Child)

Phone: 042-797-4126

Website: Tennen Onsen Ikoi no Yu (Japanese)


#7. Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Photo Credit: pang yu liu@flickr

Oedo Onsen Monogatari is an onsen theme park located in Odaiba. This is probably the first and one of the largest onsen theme parks in Japan. In addition to various types of baths inside and outside that you can enjoy, Oedo Onsen Monogatari has Edo period themed shopping area where you can buy snacks and play games from the old days. After you enjoy the onsen, wear a yukata and walk around. It will feel like you have traveled back to the Edo period.
[map lat=”35.615482″ lng=”139.777509″][/map]

Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Address: 2-6-3 Oume, Koto Ward, Tokyo

2 minute walk from Telecom Center Station
*There is also free shuttles from Tokyo station, Shinagawa Station and Kinshicho Station

Hours: 11:00 AM – 9:00 AM

*Monday to Friday
2,612 yen (Over age 12)
1,058 yen (age 4-12)

2,828 yen (Adult)

2,936 yen (Adult)

*Fee includes: Bath, yukata, towel fee, and facility usage

Phone: 03-5500-1126

Website: Oedo Onsen Monogatari


#8. Myoujin no Yu

With “Place for hot spring therapy in Tokyo”as their concept, Myoujin no Yu introduces a retrospect design throughout the building. Natural hot spring water is used for the baths made of natural cypress wood. It is rich in iron and salt, and said to be effective for poor blood circulation, fatigue after giving birth, and skin disease.
[map lat=”35.778150″ lng=”139.847674”][/map]

Myoujin no Yu

Address: 1-18-1 Ootaya, Adachi Ward, Tokyo

20 minute walk from Kita-Ayase Station
By bus from Ayase Station, take 23 bound for Katsushika Shako and get off at Ootaya bus stop

Hours: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM

*Monday to Friday
900 yen (Adult)
500 yen (Child)

*Weekend and Holidays
1,200 yen (Adult)
600 yen (Child)

Phone: 03-5613-2683

Website: Myoujin no Yu (Japanese)


#9. Thermae Yu

Photo Credit:thermae-yu.jp

Thermae Yu is located in Shinjuku just a nine minute walk from Shinjuku Station. Natural hot spring water from Nakaizu is delivered to Thermae Yu every day, so that you can enjoy the natural hot spring in the center of Tokyo. They also have the largest high-concentration carbon dioxide bath in Tokyo area. Carbon dioxide helps improve blood circulation by expanding capillary vessels. This facility is for those over age 12. Those under age 18 should bring ID and be accompanied by an adult. Those under 18 must leave at 6:00 P.M. regardless of whether they are accompanied by an adult or not.
[map lat=”35.694526″ lng=”139.705139″][/map]

Thermae Yu

Address: 1-1-2 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo

Access: 9 minute walk from Shinjuku Station

Hours: 11:00 AM – 9:00 AM

*Monday to Friday
2,364 yen (Adult)
1,620 yen (Junior)

*Weekend and Holidays
2,688 yen (Adult)
1,944 yen (Junior)

Phone: 03-5285-1726

Website: Thermae Yu


#10. Hisamatsu Yu

Renovated in 2014, this public bath now has a natural hot spring drawn from 1,500 meters underground. “Public bath in the lights, winds and woods” as their concept, it is designed in the way that you can enjoy the sunlight and trees from looking out all of the windows around the facility. They introduce project mapping in the indoor bath to enhance your relaxation. You may think that you are in a museum because of the chic and stylish exterior.
[map lat=”35.741386″ lng=”139.661607″][/map]

Hisamatsu Yu

Address: 4-32-15 Sakuradai, Nerima Ward, Tokyo

Access: 4 minute walk from Sakuradai Station

Hours: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
*Closed on Tuesday

460 yen (Adult)
180 yen (Elementary student)
80 yen (Kindergarten)
*400 yen for sauna

Phone: 03-3991-5092

Website: Hisamatsu Yu (Japanese)


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