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Kamakura Restaurant Village

Enjoy Local Food from the Kamakura Restaurant Village in Nagano

During the winter visitors can enjoy local food at the Kamakura Restaurant Village in Nagano. Visitors eat the local cuisine in igloo-like huts. There are onsen resorts in the area, it is a great area to relax.

Kamakura Restaurant Village
Photo Credit: iiyama-ouendan.net

The Kamakura Village is annually held for about one month from late January to late February in Iiyama City, the northern most area of the Nagano Prefecture. Iiyama City is famous for its heavy snowfall. At the Kamakura Village, dozens of snow huts, called Kamakura, are built. You can dine in kamakura with family, friends and your sweetheart. The kamakura illuminated at night are fantastic. The Kamakura Restaurant Village is going to open from January 27th to February 28th, they will be closed on Wednesdays.



Kamakura Restaurant Village
Photo Credit: iiyama-ouendan.net

One specialty dish is called Noroshi Nabe it is served at the Kamakura Restaurant Village. Noroshi Nabe is a hot pot dish unique to Iiyama City, with pork, various vegetables, and mushrooms seasoned with miso. Miso is fermented soy beans. In addition to Noroshi Nabe, onigiri or rice balls are served. Noroshi of Noroshi Nabe is named from Noroshidai, the beacon set up at Mt. Kuroiwa by Uesugi Nobukata during the Sengoku period. You need to make reservations in advance. Reservation start on December 1st.


Kamakura Shrine

Kamakura Shrine
Photo Credit: iiyama-ouendan.net

A vermilion torii gate of the Kamakura Shrine is standing in the depth of the Kamakura Village covered with snow. The deity, Shimenawa meaning twisted sacred straw rope and Saisenbako meaning offertory-box is placed in the inner kamakura.


Kamakura Festival

nagano kamakura
Photo Credit: superidoljp@flickr

The Kamakura Festival is held for two days on the second Saturday and Sunday in February. Various events, such as rice cake pounding event, firework displays, mixed chorus performances, treasure hunting games, and snowmobile races take place. Many stalls selling food and drinks are also open.




There are many ski resorts near Kamakura Village in Iiyama City, such as Madarao Height Ski Resort, Togari Hot Springs Ski Resort, and Hokuryu Spa Ski Resort. You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing at the resorts. Especially, Madarao Height Ski Resort and Nabekura Height are the best place for snowshoeing from late December to early April. You can snowshoe on Lake Kibo at Madarao Height Ski Resort during the snowy period.
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Kamakura Restaurant Village 

Address: 807-2 Kotobuki, Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture

Access: 20 minutes by bus from Iiyama Station

Phone: 0269-62-7000

Website: Kamakura Restaurant Village (Japanese)


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