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Tokyo Skytree Dream Christmas 2016

The Tokyo Skytree Dream Christmas 2016 has Concerts and Shows for Everyone

The Tokyo Skytree Dream Christmas 2016 is a fun event for all ages. Enjoy the illuminations, the daily concerts, and the Christmas-themed Skytree. There is always something exciting at the Tokyo Skytree.


What better way to enjoy Christmas than with the phenomenal nighttime view from the top of the Tokyo Skytree during this year’s “Dream Christmas 2016” special event! It’s that time of year again, get out the tinsel and stockings and check that your Christmas list doesn’t leave any present forgotten, as Santa is preparing to make his rounds in what might be the world’s longest, but least frequent, commute. Running from November 10th until Christmas day, Tokyo’s most iconic landmark has been transformed into a winter wonderland with a huge range of ways to celebrate the holiday season. Even those who can’t spare the time to visit will be able to join in the festivities as two special Skytree decorations will illuminate the nighttime sky above the Sumida River. Between 4:30 PM and 10:00 PM look over to Tokyo’s northeast to see the the tower lit as one of two essential Christmas time items; a glass of champagne or a Christmas candle.


Until December 4th you can enjoy the light garden, a festive flower garden where you can enjoy the colorful flowers during the day and fantastic lights in the evening, walking around the garden will have a different atmosphere depending on what time you visit. Accompanying this is an Illumination show, starting from 6:00 PM until December 9th and from 8:15 onward, visitors can watch the ornaments and illuminations shine together with Christmas songs. On weekends you can see Sorakara-chan herself perform in the “Sorakara-chan’s Happy Christmas show”. From December 10th, an ice skating rink will be open until the end of winter, closing on March 5th, enjoy gliding around the ice as you look up to see the Skytree illuminating the night sky.

Tokyo Skytree Illumination 2016
Photo Credit: Zengame@flickr

There’s always plenty of things to do around the Skytree town near Oshiage Station, but during this special event they have added many more attractions. Head down to the “Sky Arena” at the base of the tower to enjoy a range of festive events for children and adults just looking to relax and enjoy the evening. At the entrance you will be able to meet and take a photo with Tokyo Skytree’s new mascot Sorakara-chan and try to keep an eye on her as she’ll often appear around the Sky Arena. Travel up to the 35th floor from 5:50 PM to see the Skytree round theater performance in which the city itself becomes a 360° backdrop to the fun visual production. As well as this, several Christmas themed photo-stations have been set up around the observation deck, providing the perfect opportunity to create a tangible memory of this special Christmas. On the weekends between December 9th and Christmas day there are seven live concerts from popular musicians where the focus of the show will be love songs. The performance schedule is as follows: The concerts are scheduled to as, December 9th is Kumamushi, December 10th is Misori Karashima, December 16th is Rihwa, December 17th is N.O.B.U!!!, December 23rd is Crystal Kay, December 24th is Ai Kawashima, and December 25th is Azumi Inoue. The performance starts from 7:00 PM for all days except December 25th when it starts at 1:00 PM.

Tokyo Skytree Illumination 2016
Photo Credit: Zengame@flickr

The Solamachi mall, surrounding the Tower is also holding some special events, such as a special “Aurora” show at the Konika Miolta planetarium. Although Tokyo is much too far south to get the Aurora itself, the high-tech planetarium can recreate this fantastic natural marvel so you too can experience it for yourself. The Sumida aquarium is running its ‘Blue Night’ campaign where calm music and subtle, relaxing lightning create a romantic atmosphere matching the ambiance of Winter. No Christmas is complete without eating a traditional Christmas dinner and so the Solamachi restaurants will be serving a special dinner just for the occasion, although be aware that you must reserve your table beforehand. And possibly the cherry on top of the Christmas cake is the Skytree light show. For the first time ever, the base of the tower will be used as the canvas for a special light projection show that celebrates the uniqueness of Tokyo’s biggest Christmas tree. The show run from December 10th until Christmas day and start every half hour from 5:30 PM, the final show starts at 8:00 PM.
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Tokyo Skytree Dream Christmas 2016

Address: 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida Ward, Tokyo

Access: Few minute walk from Tokyo Skytree Station

Illumination Period: November 10 – December 25, 2016

Hours: Sunset – 11:00 PM

Website: Tokyo Skytree Dream Christmas 2016 (Japanese)


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