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Trending Slang Among Japanese High School Girls in 2016

Trending Slang Among Japanese High School Girls in 2016

Words is Japanese are being twisted every year. Japanese high school girls abbreviate normal words and if popular enough, they will trend and everyone uses them. Some of the words used in 2016 are so unusual Japanese people don't even understand.

New words trend every year in Japan, high school girls in Japan usually create new abbreviations for everyday words. People say high school girls are experts when it comes to creating hit new abbreviations. On November 30, 2016, the results from the “High School Girls Popular Words Competition” was announced on Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi TV”. After surveying over 350 high school girls in Shibuya and Harajuku, the top 10 was announced. Some of these new catchy words are so different that Japanese people even don’t understand.


#1. 卍 or Manji (まんじ)

There are three ways to use this phrase. This is the phrase used when taking a photo of someone. If that person is out of hand or messing around. When everyone is the groups wants to get hyped up, someone will yell the word “manji”.


#2. Yoki (よき)

The word “yoki” replaces “nice”, since this word has a nice tone to it, girls often repeat it twice. For example, “Ano hito ha maji de yoki” translates to “That person is really cool yoki” or “maji yoki yoki” translates to “seriously nice nice”.


#3. ○○ Maru (○○まる)

○○ Maru is used instead of punctuation, it replaces the period at the end of a sentence. For example “OK.” is the old, the new is “ok maru”. Using this phrase will leave a very cute impression.


#4. Amore (アモーレ)

In Italian, amore translates to “my beloved person”, but Japanese high school girls say amore to their friends. For example, “You are my amore” is how it is being used.


#5. Hageru (はげる)

“Hageru” usually means bald, but in this case it kind of translates to “something is so good I’m going to go bald”. For example, “Ano hito ga kakkoyosugite hageru” translates to “That person is too cool. I’m gonna be bald”.


#6. Ma!? (マ!?)

“Ma!?” or “maji” translates to “seriously”. Girls will text “ma” to each other, this phrase is more for texting.


#7. BFF

BFF is the abbreviation from best friends forever.


#8. Gero ○○ (ゲロ○○)

Gero can be used in exchange of cho, maji, gachi, oni, kami, mecha mecha. All of the words mean really or seriously in English. They are used when something is unbelievable in a good or bad way.


#9. Sunoru (スノる)

Sunoru is said when using the popular phone app Snow. The app Snow adds cute effects to selfies.


#10. ○○ Mi (○○み)

“Mi” is added to the end of words to sound cute. For example, “ureshimi”, “tsurami”, “yabami” etc. The correct words with translation is “ureshi” or happy, “tsurai” or tough, and “yabai”. “Yabai” can be difficult to translate because it is also a slang word and can be used for good or bad situations.


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