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Fukubukuro 2017

Purchase Fukubukuro in 2017 to Get Discounted Brand Name Items

Fukubukuro are lucky bags with discounted items from popular brands. Fukubukuro are only sold during New Year's in Japan. Shibuya 109 is famous for their brand name fukubukuro.

Fukubukuro 2017
Photo Credit: Danny Choo@flickr

Fukubukuro are grab bags or lucky bags from brand names, they are filled with unknown items and sold at a substantial discount. These grab bags are available only during the New Year. Fukubukuro are usually packed with items that are 50% or more off the listed price. Popular brand names sell fukubukuro and they sell-out extremely fast. Some people will wait in lines for these fukubukuro. Fukubukuro are an easy way for stores to sell excess and unwanted merchandise from the previous year. There is a superstition that the New Year must start with a clean slate.

Fukubukuro 2017
Photo Credit: Danny Choo@flickr

Many fukubukuro have clothes, brand items, cosmetics, and household electronics. Brand names are Shibuya 109 sell fukubukuro, they are so popular that girls will line up around the building. Yodobashi Camera and other electronic stores sell fukubukuro, many people also line up to buy these discounted items.

Fukubukuro 2017
Photo Credit: Danny Choo@flickr

The concept of fukubukuro started in the late Meiji period, the idea was invented by Ginza Matsuya Department Store. The custom has even spread to the United States, shops in Honolulu have been selling fukubukuro.

Fukubukuro 2017
Photo Credit: Danny Choo@flickr

Depending on the department store, lucky bags cater to each section of the store, the young adult section has trendy merchandise and the shoe section has high priced shoes. Other fukubukuro are filled with useful items, such as bags of tea, tea cups, blanket etc. Some more expensive fukubukuro have vacation tickets, expensive purses, and even fur coats.


Things to Remember about Fukubukuro

#1. Celebrity Collaboration Fukubukuro

Within recent years, Shibuya 109 has been working with models and making “outfit lucky bags”. In 2016, Shibuya 109 sold 10,000 yen lucky bags in two varieties coordinated by popular models Nicole Fujita and Arisa Yagi. If you are looking for full outfits, get a lucky bag at Shibuya 109.


#2. Get a Memory, Not an Item

Some recent fukubukuro have been filled with “experiences” instead of “goods”. For example, Shinjuku Isetan in 2016 offered a fukubukuro with a chance to have your portrait drawn by cartoonist Reiji Matsumoto. The fukubukuro sold for more than 2,00,000 yen.


#3. Spoiler Fukubukuro

Before, all of the items in fukubukuro were never shown. Recently there are sample packages to show customers what could potentially be in the fukubukuro. These spoiler lucky bags have become very popular. In 2016, Takashimaya department store sold spoiler fukubukuro. With only about 160 bags, shoppers were not disappointed with their purchase. On the website homepage, there was a list of potential items in the fukubukuro.


#4. Reserve Online

The usual process of buying fukubukuro is waiting in line at the store, but within the past years certain stores and brands have been taking reservation. Customers can get their fukubukuro delivered to their door. The fashion department store Marui is one of the major providers. With over 60 fashion brands, the fukubukuro are delivered within the first ten days of January.


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