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Angel’s Teardrop – Beautiful and Freshly Made Warabimochi in Omotesando

At Urasando Garden in Omotesando, check out intriguing snacks that can't be found anywhere else. Mican Club is serving aesthetically pleasing traditional Japanese sweets. Don't miss the fresh warabimochi, Angel's Teardrop while in Tokyo.

Omotesando is a zelkova tree-lined avenue known for the boutiques and restaurants. At Urasando Garden, experience unique and delicious food made by new chefs.

Urasando Garden opened in March 2016, with the innovative shops and restaurants, this has become a popular spot. Enjoy the outdoor eating space on a clear day.

Urasando Garden is a combination of four different shops. Find refined Japanese food and drinks.

During the holiday season, grab a snack or sweet and be sure to stick around for the live seasonal music.


Warabimochi (Angel’s Teardrop)

At Mican Club, you can enjoy and experience some of the most amazing traditional Japanese sweets in a comfortable atmosphere.

Mican Club is a small shop with only eight counter seats. The extremely popular traditional Japanese sweets or wagashi have been talked about on television and since then the shop has been constantly busy.

The most popular item at Mican Club is Tenshi no Namida (Angel’s Teardrop) for 700 yen, enjoy this exquisite sweet with a drink for 1,000 yen.

Angel’s Teardrop is warabimochi. Warabimochi is a jelly-like traditional Japanese sweet made from bracken starch. It is served or covered in kinako. Kinako is roasted soybean flour, often used for Japanese sweets. It looks as good as it tastes – amazing.

This beautiful and freshly made mochi is topped with kinako and amazingly, gold flakes. It’s hard to believe that something so exquisite is so affordable.

The warabimochi is sitting in a special ceramic dish handcrafted by Royal Copenhagen. Royal Copenhagen has been making dishes since May 1775. There are only six of these dishes in the world.

Although it looks strangely like soy sauce, freshly made kuromitsu is poured onto the warabimochi. Kuromitsu translates to “black honey”, it is similar to molasses but thinner and milder. It is usually made from unrefined Okinawan kurozato (black sugar) as its main ingredient.

After the kuromitsu is poured, you should give a chance to wait for a few minutes as it is recommended that the sauce spreads around the warabimochi. Since this sweet is so popular, there is a limit of 30 per day. Sometimes they are sold out by 3 PM.


Mitarashi Dando Set

Mitarashi dango is usually covered with a sweet sauce glazed. At Mican Club, guests can enjoy mitarashi dango with many different sauces.

Since there are many different flavors it would be unwise to ignore the owners explanation of them.

The dango are lightly grilled to perfection and it looks amazing.

The mitarashi dango comes in a set of three with two dango per stick.

The dango can be enjoy with many different kinds of sauces. For example try shichimi, curry, plain, wasabi, ume, yuzu pepper, gochujang, basil, cinnamon, peperoncino, and japanese pepper.

Among the many flavors, yuzu pepper is popular among women and peperoncino is popular among men. Enjoy the mitarashi dango set for 1,000 yen. At Mican Club, guests can find  the amazingly delicious and handmade traditional Japanese sweets in Omotesando.
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Address: 1F Urasando Garden, 4-15-2 Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

Access: 7 minute walk from Omotesando Station

Hours: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
*Closed Mondays

Warabimochi (Angel’s Tears) 1,000 yen
Mitarashi Dango Set 1,000 yen

Website: Urasando Garden


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